20 Ultimate Ways to Make Money Online

Today, it’s no longer surprising news that anyone can make money online and from the comfort of home, thanks to the internet.

There may be a variety of jobs that you can do to make money online. Some of that make-money-online jobs may be widely known to people already like we see a ton of Youtube celebrities and blogging superstars nowadays and they are living proof to showing how to make money online and that can be anyone to make it.

So today, we’ve decided to write this post with a comprehensive list of what ways you can make money online just from home; we extra carefully picked up only proven ways of doing so to complete this list without compromising with online scams or any suspicious schemes!

Then let’s get started to break it down!

20 Ultimate Ways to Make Money Online

1. Blogging

make money online blogging from home

Blogging has long been a famous way to make money online that many of you might know well about. This can be possibly a good source of online income that people make, from home.

The most common way of monetizing a blog is using an ad network such as Google Adsense, and allows Google Adsense to publish third party ads on the empty space of publishers’ blogs. As other ways, directly selling ad space to advertisers or on ad space marketplaces like BuySellAds.com is also a commonly used way to make money online with a blog.

As well, selling digital/physical products (E-Books or merchandise) or even professional services related to your freelance skills are thought that it could be a profitable way to make money with a blog if the blog is well established with a good number of niche targeted traffic.

Certainly, we all agree that blogging can make you good money online; that being said, the gap of blogging incomes is variously huge like from 0 to 6 figures monthly income. One thing we’re sure about is that a profitable blog comes in your way only when you’re ready with a good knowledge of online marketing, SEO and writing skills and above all, consistent work and effort over time to build up a good following base to the blog. So it surely isn’t an over night success that new starters can reach 5 figures at once, at the same time the potential to becoming a super famous blogging rock star is always lying on you depending on your ability to writing masterpiece articles and a nice sense of content marketing.

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2. Youtube

make money online filming on youtube, youtube superstars

Just like blogging, Youtube has been an extremely beloved source to make money online from.

While Youtube has grown its insane popularity to hitting 1.5 billion unique monthly visitors and firmly positioned themselves as the second largest search engine all over the globe, Youtube became home to lots of internet celebrities who make a significant amount of money out of their video contents on Youtube.

It’s no secret that famous Youtube stars make more than million dollars. According to Business Insider, the world top 10 Youtube superstars make $10.5 million to $16.5 million annually by creating sponsored videos and utilizing third party advertisements(Google Adsense) put on their video contents.

What you can choose to film to make money online from Youtube are just numerous. Anything could be possible to create your videos on, like tech or beauty product reviews, coaching & tutoring, gaming, food & cooking, exercising, yoga, travel or whatever you love showing the billions possible audience out there.

Although gaining a firm base of subscribers and making substantial money from Youtube may need to get through some learning curves in the beginning, no many would deny the fact that Youtube is one of the most attractive options to make money online.

3. Freelance

make money online freelance jobs flexible work, freelance marketplaces gig, work from home

Being a freelancer nowadays is an easy way to make money from home or anywhere they’re flexibly, without having to wake up early in the morning and commuting to an office in the rush hour on the painful traffic jam.

In fact, freelance’s been traditionally a well known work type as working from home, it used to be somewhat exclusive only for the people with certain freelancing talents like writers or translators, as well-known traditional freelance jobs of the old days (before the internet came out). But nowadays with traditional desk jobs that are going more and more freelance, freelance jobs are literally for anybody with from professionally high skilled jobs to general jobs as one can perform. It just needs a single laptop with the internet connection.

Furthermore, freelance gig marketplaces these days like Fiverr.com or Freelance.com are acting as the trigger for a change of the employment environment, from the traditional office work to telecommuting work types. It seems it’s just for anyone to be able to start selling their talents online and make money location-free and anywhere they are.

4. Remote Work

make money online remote jobs work from home, job of the future, difference between remote jobs and freelance jobs

It’s called “the Job model of the Future”. With the rapid pace of the workplace change in the last decade, the demand for remote positions for the both sides employers and employees, is fast growing.

Remote work is often compared to freelance jobs. Actually they two are quite similar since the both are the jobs conducted in a telecommuting manner. But that being said, there’s a subtle difference between the two.

Simply Put:

  • Remote Job: Which requires constant virtual presence, thus it often comes as full-time, part-time or contract employment where a remote worker is obligated to be performing work in a regular basis. (fixed working hours) It’s just like in-office regular jobs but without having to commute to the office.
  • Freelance Job: Which often tends to be without a commitment. It’s more flexible in working hours and workers are allowed to choose their own work schedule. On the other hand, freelance types of jobs don’t usually guarantee a long term employment, frequently as a temporary or project based job types

5. Launching a website/online services

make money online launching a website online services

A website with a good amount of online traffic can be a good passive income source that make you money while you’re asleep.

Brainstorm to discover a good business item/service that can provide a good value for people in some aspects. It can be anything like an e-commerce store that sells physical/digital products, a professional service, an online tool that people love/have to use, or a curating site that displays your freelance work portfolios, for example.

Of course, this might be a hard challenge for absolute beginners about how to pick up the right niche, how to market it, how to advertise it etc. But if you find yourself passionate about all this work and it’s a pure fun of yourself, then it might work for you!

6. Sell stuff on Ebay

make money online selling stuff on ebay used items auction

As many people might know already, selling on Ebay can be a way of earning fast money online. The items you sell in the marketplace could be anything except a few prohibited items. (e.g Guns, Liquors, Animal & Wildlife products etc)

No matter if they’re brand new items, unboxed items or even used goods, it could sell on Ebay if anyone wants it.

If no experience at all in merchandising, starting to sell on Ebay some unused and old second hand items collecting dust at your home, that might work for you to earn extra income and some experience in selling online.

7. Dropshipping

make money online dropshipping business, without inventory easy entry business

Dropshipping business is especially a beginner friendly version of e-commerce business.

Dropshipping is one model of online merchandise business with a perk that it allows an online shop owner to not have to hold an inventory from his/her physical location. Instead, when your site sells a product, he/she can just order the ordered item from the original vendor who can directly ships it out to the end customer. In the procedure, the dropshipping business owner doesn’t have to hold all the goods in a storage, that he/she sells, plus it can also save dropshipping owners huge time from packing up items and processing on the logistics and all other subsequent works after an order being placed because all the process is done by the original vendor (Dropshipper)

In the money wise, it has quite an easy entry to getting into e-commerce business and start out an online store hassle-free to anyone. E-Commerce business can be taken on without a huge amount of the initial investment.

However downsides are always lying on with a handful of the upsides. One weakest thing and the biggest downsides in Dropshipping comes in the so-called biggest upside of the business model: Not Holding an Inventory – the seller can’t control anything over the product management and shipping which might cause limited capability to ensuring the quality of items, proper packaging/shipping when the goods are purchased and being shipped.

In fact, that puts dropshipping business in some degree of risks for potential customer complains or refund requests. For the reason, working with reliable dropshippers (vendors) is really crucial when it comes to finding vendors to collaborate to keep your dropshipping business to operate smoothly.

8. Test websites/Mobile Apps

make money online test website mobile applications. website usability jobs

Perhaps, no many would know that they can actually get paid to test a website or mobile application.

The requirements to being a usability tester varies, from the regular internet user level to tech savvy level.

Their average rates of compensation is around $10 USD for a 10 to 20 minute test. WhatUsersDo.com and UserTest.io are good examples of website usability companies that are renowned and relatively pay favorably compared to other companies.

It seems worth trying if you’re detail oriented, or full of idea on website designs, theme layouts or user friendly functionalities.

9. Write and Sell e-books

make money online write and sell ebooks, amazon kindle, ebay, passive income

Writing is your fun? Then you can monetize your hobby of writing, or knowledge of something valuable, by sharing all that to people online.

Nowadays, it’s easy to spot lots of good digital product marketplaces where you’re free to publish your own books, such as Amazon Kindle, Blurb, Apple iBookStore, or even Ebay in which you can sell pretty much of anything from physical products to digital goods.

It’s never been this easier to write and publish your own e-book online that many e-book publishing sites are fully backing publishers to keep their best writing performances by providing all necessary tools for free!  If you feel that this is your right job, then go for it! Dive into the fun and love of sharing what you know with other people, while you’re earning money online! Moreover, it’s kind of a passive income stream!

10. Sell stock photos

make money online sell stock photos, photography art, taking picture to sell

No longer, selling photos is exclusively in professional’s area, but it’s also available for anyone who loves taking pictures (of anything in demands commercially). Online stock photography sites are the ones that made it happen. It’s available for anyone to become a contributor on those sites and make money online, selling stock photos on the marketplaces, that they capture.

There’re even some stock photo apps like Foap or Clashot, that allows people to upload their mobile pictures and sell on their marketplaces. Contributors (Uploaders) are paid per every paid download to occur on the uploaded stock photos and many people lovingly use the apps to make extra money on the side while they keep their hobby of photography.

11. Affiliate Marketing

make money online affiliate marketing amazon affiliate program

Affiliate Marketing is a performance based online marketing model in which companies reward their affiliates to lead to purchases, to bring online traffic, or sign-ups, made by the affiliate marketing efforts.

This is sort of an old school marketing model that’s been around since the early 2000s, (When it became publicly known) however it’s still one of the strongest online marketing schemes.

Amazon Affiliate is the one most well-known as an affiliate marketing program along with a few other famous affiliate networks (ShareaSale, ClickBank etc) where affiliates are paid for sales, leads, online conversions they made through their blogs, websites, or social media pages.

A blog attached with affiliate marketing is the most commonly beloved online monetization scheme and this is how many bloggers make good money out of it.

If none of blogs owned, social sites or forums are good alternative places to carry out affiliate marketing. But one thing to keep in mind is, the huger following base, the whole lot easier for making a substantial number of affiliate sales.

12. Sell your handmade creations on Etsy

make money online sell your creations on etsy, selling handcraft online

Having a skill of crafting or talent of art can let you make money online!

Etsy is one of the places that enables your crafty skills to be monetized, for a side income to possibly a full time income as well!

It could be pretty much of anything that you can make/create from home to sell. That said, there’re of course popular selling items in Etsy,

For example: Handmade jewelry items, Art pieces (paintings, photography, graphic arts, printings), Home decor stuff, handmade clothing, Quilts, Invites (Invitation cards) and few more.

If you consider yourself a type of craftsperson, then try on Etsy. Create a seller account and your Etsy shop, putting your beautiful creations out there to the 33 million active Etsy shoppers worldwide! Etsy is a giant marketplace, comparable to Ebay or Amazon.

13. Travel Agent

make money online travel agent, plan travel itinerary travel advice

The internet technology advancement has effected many changes in the travel industry as well as other major industries. Remote staffs and independent travel agents are becoming the mainstream employment type of the industry and it’s never been this easier to start an own travel business at home (without much investment), or to work as a remote travel agent working under a company.

The most typical roles of a travel agent is coordinating a travel itinerary for clients, corresponding client inquiries, dealing with customer complaints and promoting holidays/hotels/flight tickets. The specific roles would slightly vary with the exact job scope of jobs and occasion.

If you think you possess a good knowledge of attractions and tourism/hospitality industry, or you’re the one whom people often rely on for trip advice and you love to plan it out for them, then Travel agent job would be worth trying for your fun of work as well as to make money online and from home.

14. Rent your place on AirBnB

make money online rent your place on air bnb. rent out your home bed room

Seems like no much explanation needed to describe about AirBnB. Most of people reading this blog now would probably know what AirBnB is and they can make extra money by renting out their spare bad rooms or an entire home through the platform.

Even if you don’t own a property to rent out, there’s a way to make money from AirBnB; their “Co-Host” program is exactly that, in which someone assigned as a co-host (by the listing owner) takes care of hospitality for visitors and entirely managing the property. In return, co-host get paid the shared revenue in accordance with the mutually agreed terms between the two hosts.

15. Start a T-Shirt Business

make money online start a tshirt business, design custom tshirts

There’re many places where you’re allowed to design your own custom t-shirt graphics and go for sale. This is AKA “Custom T-shirt Printing & Fulfillment Service” that covers all other tasks for you like printing process (producing printed items), customer queries, packaging, shipping, refunds and other necessary processes. Thus all you have to do as a custom t-shirt designer are creating your awesome graphics that are going to be printed on T-shirts, mug cups, shoes, leggings etc and marketing the creations you made to your own audience.

No strict qualification to become a custom t-shirt (graphic) designer; anyone can apply on a custom graphic marketplace site like TeeSpring, Merch By Amazon, Zazzle and so on. All graphic tools (Drag & Drop) and resources provided and that makes it easy for anyone with no professional skills or experience in graphic design, to start creating their own art works. (How to sell good is still a matter though)

16. Being a Language Tutor Online

make money online being a language tutor online, teach english language online tutoring

If you have an academic degree or a certificate in language education, that couldn’t be any better. However even if you have none of that, it wouldn’t matter if you’re willing to teach your mother tongue (or a language you speak at a professional level) to the international language learners online.

The most popular language to teach online is, no wonder, “English”. But the needs of learning other languages like Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese is hugely increasing; the native speakers of those languages seem highly demanded.

Places where you can perform your paid tutoring jobs without a degree are like Cambly, Palfish, Italki or Verval Planet etc.

It seems Cambly is outstandingly the most interesting one (Mobile language tutoring app) among all other tutoring sites/apps because tutors there get paid even for text-chat based classes as well as cam-chat or video lessons of a language.

17. Paid Surveys

make money online paid survey pocket money

Voicing and sharing your opinions with research firms or educational institutes can earn you some extra income online. (Although it’s really small..)

The amount of potential income out of paid surveys wouldn’t actually be so substantial, rather it’s more likely for some pocket money as much as a few dollars to a couple tens of dollars a month.

But if you don’t mind sitting at the computer for as small as 15 minutes a day and sharing your thoughts with the companies, your effort for that small amount of your time spent for researches will definitely reward you.

By the way, a little heads up! You better stay away from those that ask you for fees in advance (ex: sign up or participation fees); chances are they are scams and ready to run off as soon as they receive your money. There actually seems quite a few of scams around in the paid survey market that you might need to watch out for!

18. Get Paid to Listen to Music

make money online get paid to listen to music, music review to earn money

No many would know that they can get paid reviewing music they’ve listened to! A few sites like MusicXray and SliceThePie are those that pay music reviewers for what they listened to. Such sites are places where indie musicians upload, promote their new songs to reach out to new fans based in the site.

With singers’ attempt to wide spread their songs to the group of potential fans, fan users are sent pieces of their music tracks in order for them to listen to and get to know the presence of the new artists and their works. And after done listening to the music sent, fan members are given a chance to write a review on it, which is paid usually from $0.1 – $0.2.

Indeed, this shouldn’t be an alternative to your day job, however some level of fun that you might be having, while you’re working on this from time to time.

19. PPD Marketing

make money online ppd marketing, ppd network, pay per download sharing files

You can make money online by uploading and sharing files on your computer, using PPD marketing techniques.

“PPD” is the acronym for “Pay Per Download”. PPD networks are where people are allowed to upload and host their files on the intermediate servers and share it with other internet users through PPD download links given. For every download that occurs via PPD channels, the uploaders get paid; that’s how PPD marketing goes and make money with it.

It’s anything that you can upload to there, except copyrighted contents (e.g: movies, books commercially published) or particularly prohibited contents according to each PPD network content policy.

In general, the range of rewards is $1 – $20 for 1,000 downloads, which highly depends on the geographic regions from which the downloads were made.

20. Selling Domain Names

make money online selling domain names

Indeed, it’s salable when it comes to “good” domain names.

Maybe you’ve got lots of “unused” domain names collecting virtual dust; you can sell them off on domain name marketplaces, instead of letting them sit down there.

Famous marketplaces to buy and sell premium domain names, including super million bucks domain names are like Afternic, Sedo, Flippa and so on. It’s also possible to sell domains on an online auction market such as Ebay.

No question asked, the shorter in length and more meaningful domain names with an awesome keyword included, the whole lot higher chances to get to a great deal.

Looking back on the record of the top 10 most expensive domain name deals in the internet history, there’re quite many shocking deals transacted: for example, “LasVegas.com” (Sold at $90 million, 2005) or “Insurance.com” ($35.6 million, 2010), internet.com ($18 millions, 2009) which are like jaw dropping mega deals.

If you don’t own any domain names to sell, it’s also a considerable way: purchasing a profitable domain and re-selling, which, perhaps is a little tricky!


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