About Us

Who We Are

Turning the demands of the both, remote job seekers and remote employers into 100% satisfaction is our mission we work hard for. We’ll make sure to provide only authentic, flexible, borderless, location independent quality remote job opportunities for our job seekers from all over the world, and skillful, talented and responsible workers for our remote employers.

Smart Workers Home is an online job board that specializes in curating remote jobs only. All the jobs posted here are carefully pre-screened and reviewed before publication so that we can keep this community being a “scam-free” and trustful place for those who are looking to find genuine freelance/remote job opportunities.

Most of our remote job openings and vacancies are available for people worldwide. We’re here striving for a place where all the remote job seekers in every piece of the globe can access to find authentic remote/telecommuting jobs without limit of regions that are perfectly location-free, borderless, performed remotely anywhere in the world.


As our principal pursuit for the qualities of our remote jobs, job seekers of SmartWorkersHome.com will be offered remote jobs as:

  1. Location Independent
  2. Globally Performed
  3. Perfectly Telecommuted
  4. No Restriction of Specific Regions
  5. No Obligation of Commutes
  6. Full-Time/Part-Time/Contract Types Accordingly