Tollanis Solutions

Empowering Change Through Process And People
Who We Are:

At Tollanis Solutions, a managed IT services provider, we understand the frustration that happens when human needs and technological capabilities don’t meet up. That’s why we’re dedicated to taking an innovative approach when it comes to complex technology projects.

It’s not just about implementing the latest software; it’s about agile-based problem solving and change management. We get to the root of your organization’s relationship with technology and fine-tune your processes to aid you in achieving your organization’s goals more quickly, easily, and on budget.

Thanks to a decade of experience in managed IT services and IT consulting, we excel at helping you arrive at your desired result with speed and reliability… and no frustration.

With each passing year, technology is becoming the very foundation of almost every organization. It’s important not to get left behind.

As a solutions-based company, Tollanis is focused upon delivering both the technological tools and the know-how that allows organizations to thrive.

The key, however, lies not only with the systems themselves, but how they are operated and managed by people—your people.

Whether your business is focused upon increasing its bottom line, streamlining practices for greater efficiency, increasing security or managing compliance issues, Tollanis is here to support you.

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Tollanis Solutions

Empowering Change Through Process And People

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200, Yuhyeon-ro, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South korea