How It Works

We serve two types of members in our remote job board community:

1. Candidate Users

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Job seekers looking for location-free remote jobs or home based freelance works without having to pay for any subscription fees. We do not charge job seekers at all, it’s at free of cost to access all the resources of fresh remote job openings in Smart Workers Home.

Candidate Users will also love the point of easiness and convenience applying for jobs through Smart Workers Home job boards with great user-friendly functionalities such as the easy resume builder, applied job management page, apply-through Facebook/LinkedIn function and live chat function by which job seekers can chat with employers in real time during the application process.

2. Employer Users:

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Employers who are looking to hire talented telecommuting workers or freelancers in desired fields. Our user base is worldwide, it’s truly a borderless global community where our employer users can easily reach out to the right candidates just few clicks away.

We’re basically to charge our employer users for job posting fees just in order for business maintenance and enhancement purposes. However, currently, till the following official notice announced, we allow any of our employer users to post their job vacancies at free of charge, in order to encourage them to join in our awesome remote job community and be with us!

Our Location:

200, Yuhyeon-ro, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South korea