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Golang Engineer – Application Performance Monitoring – Elastic

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Company Website:
Remote Locations: Worldwide
Job Type: Full Time

Job Overview:

As a Go Agent Engineer on the APM team, you will be part of a team developing a high quality, open source APM product aimed to help fellow Go developers instrument, debug, and monitor Go applications. As part of the agent team, you’ll be deeply involved with the entire codebase and take on responsibilities for new features, improving the resource footprint and roadmap planning. You will also be engaging with the open source community.

You will also collaborate closely with the APM Server team when adding new features to the server API and with the UI team to ensure that we deliver the best possible experience for Go developers.

The team is diverse and distributed across the world, and collaborates on a daily basis over GitHub, Zoom, and Slack.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Join the Go APM Agent team alongside one other person on the team.
  • Improve the Go agent for Elastic APM
    • Build new integrations with Go frameworks and services
    • Improve the current code base
  • The agent is open-source, so the job includes handling community pull requests, issues, etc.
  • Collaborate with APM Server and UI teams to ensure the best experience possible for Go developers
  • Building demo applications highlighting Elastic APM capabilities
Job Requirements:
  • 3+ years of professional and in-depth experience with Go, possessing broad knowledge of the Go ecosystem, including web and RPC frameworks, logging frameworks, and database drivers.
  • Previous experience developing APM products or optimization related code. e.g.
    • You have worked developing an APM product
    • You have developed or contributed to a performance-oriented Go library or tooling
    • You have developed dynamic instrumentation for Go programs
  • You know and care about writing performant Go and have traced and fixed performance issues yourself.
  • Experience with and interest in going deep on advanced topics such as memory management, benchmarking, profiling, and source code transformation.
  • Experience with Cloud Native application development.
  • Deep knowledge of the Go runtime is a big plus.
  • Ability to work independently in a globally distributed team.
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  • This job has expired!
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