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(Remote Work) Customer Experience Associate – Bunny Inc.

Job Expired

Bunny Inc.

Company Website:
Remote Locations: Worldwide
Job Type: Full Time

Job Overview:

Customer Experience Associate

Location: Work from Anywhere

This is your invitation to raise your bar and team up with the best creatives.

At Bunny Studio we are looking for a highly motivated Customer Experience Associate to join our customer operations team who will give their best to always deliver memorable experiences to our customers and ensure they are 100% satisfied with our services. You’ll work with a highly diverse and multicultural remote team with a mission to make it happen, where passion and fun are prized as much as hard work and creativity.

Team structure

You will report to Christina Gmez, Head of Customer Experience, who is based in Bogot, Colombia. Moreover, you will work closely with the following teams: Customer Experience, Pro Management, Quality Control, Marketing and Sales, Product, and Engineering.

What you can expect on a day-to-day basis

  • Promoting self-service by our customers to minimize their interactions with our Customer Experience team.
  • Acquiring a good understanding of our product to be able to:
  • help our customers adapt and adopt solutions to ensure their needs are met.
  • Provide new insights and innovative suggestions for improvement to our Product team.
  • Dealing with many unknowns for our newest creative categories and helping the team document the newest learnings, workflows, processes to ensure the bus factor is kept high.
  • Managing difficult cases and dealing with frustrated and happy clients.
  • Working with high levels of independence, where we expect high levels of assertiveness from our team members.


Because we value transparency, your compensation will be USD $15,214.08 per year.

This compensation is role-based and non-negotiable. Please ensure, before you apply, that it is above the minimum living wage of your state or country.

Unique benefit

After the successful completion of your probationary period of 3 months, we will agree on your Tour of Duty, which specifically defines a successful employer-employee partnership:

  • You assume the compromise of focusing your time and energy to our team with the goal of growing the company;
  • We assume the compromise of investing in your professional growth so that when the time comes for you to leave our team, you’ll have the tools, experience, and network to achieve equal success elsewhere.

Career opportunities

You will be expected to remain in this role for 2 years. The knowledge and experience you’ll gain may then enable you to perform any of the following roles, either at Bunny Studio or somewhere else:

  • Bunny Pro Associate
  • Senior Customer Experience Associate
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Client Onboarding Associate
  • Key Account Manager
  • Head of Customer Experience

Our commitment to diversity

We aim to provide a multicultural experience and equal opportunities throughout the whole organization, allowing you to work in an engaging environment and a safe-space where discrimination, violence or any other form of workplace harassment is not tolerated.

Taking action to bring about social change

We believe we have a responsibility to be the change we want to see. We have razor-sharp minds and considerable accumulated knowledge in the company that can and should be applied for the greater good. We encourage our team members to share this knowledge by being involved in social efforts and regularly support charitable campaigns for diverse causes.

About the company

Bunny Studio’s mission is to team up with the world’s best creatives. We have built an environment where our team members help each other proactively to thrive. Where a sense of humor is valued as much as technical and human skills. We shoot for perfection but settle for good, practical solutions. Our motto is to always raise our bar.

We help companies complete their creative projects through our platforms. To achieve this, we’re looking for enthusiastic people who will help us create and maintain the highest standard of product and service excellence.

Are you up for the challenge?

  • About our selection process
    • Our process is quite straightforward.
    • Once you pass the first screening stage, we will ask you to perform a technical work sample test, which you must complete within 24hrs.
    • Once you pass the test, you’ll have a round of up to three interviews.
    • There might be additional steps if any of the interviewers consider it.
    • The full process is remote-friendly. You can complete the test and interviews from a place and time of your preference.
Job Responsibilities:

As a customer experience associate, you’ll be the link between clients and talents on our platform, paving the way to successfully completed projects.

  • Ensure projects are completed within given time frames.
  • Ensure a high success rate for projects.
  • Ensure 100% satisfaction in Customer Experience interactions with clients and talents – also known as Bunny Pros.
Job Requirements:
  • Have a minimum of C1 English level (written and oral). Knowledge of other languages is a plus
  • Have at least 1 year of previous work experience, not necessarily in this same area.
  • Are able to type with 10 fingers and are able to do it fast.
  • Have familiarity with web technology.
  • Are crazy about self-development.
  • Have high attention to detail, assuming that the Queen of England or the CEO of the company might read all your communications.
  • Are able and willing to work in a highly diverse and multicultural team where various religions, ideologies, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and nationalities work together.
  • Love managing difficult cases.
  • Respond creatively to unexpected circumstances by turning these into opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Don’t back away from unknowns, instead you approach them with curiosity and take charge to turn them into knowns.
  • Have a critical mindset, not settling with the status quo and always looking for ways on how existing processes can be done differently and propose options on how they could be optimized our automatized.
  • Have adaptability skills and you’re comfortable working in an accelerated environment.
  • Work-life integration: the opportunity to create a greater synergy between the areas that define our lives: work; home; family; community; and personal well-being.
  • Flexible time-off. Whether this is to deal with a family situation, own physical or mental health or the need for a paid vacation to recharge your energy levels.
  • Parental leave. All team members are allowed to take up to 4 months of parental leave when becoming parents. This policy includes adoptive parents. It is fully paid.
  • Paid health insurance.
  • Paid life insurance.
  • Coworking space. Anywhere you are working from. Or an ergonomic home office set-up.
  • Equipment (laptop; screen; keyboard; mouse or trackpad; headset with microphone).
  • A stimulating working experience.
How To Apply:

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  • This job has expired!
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