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(Remote Work) Game Developer – LIV

Job Expired


Company Website:
Remote Locations: Worldwide
Job Type: Full Time
Remarks: If you feel like you’d be a great team fit, but don’t meet 100% of the requirements, please apply anyway!

Job Overview:

Game Developer (Unreal)

As part of LIVs main quest line is to empower VR content creators and game developers to connect with, and interact with their audiences in real-time, and as part of that we are building a LIV engine showcase called StreamCom.

StreamCom is a VR game set in cyberspace, where Players (Duelists) challenge oppressive mafia-like Collectives to break their grip on the world. Every week, on the Day of the Duels, the Collectives open their doors, and Duelists fight their way up the ranks in a bid to unseat the Tyrant — the leader of the Collective.

LIV has the biggest creator user base in VR behind it, and StreamCom has the the biggest VR streamers eager to get their hands on it. Your work will directly land in their hands, and with their help we’ll iterate to build what we envision, and what our players want.

We are not working against a deadline — we are working towards an end user experience and vision. Expect lots of experimentation!

If you feel like you’d be a great team fit, but don’t meet 100% of the requirements, please apply anyway! 🙂

Job Responsibilities:
  • Work with lead game designer to prototype and iterate on game mechanics and our Embodied Combat system until it’s excellent.
  • Connecting StreamCom to LIV to facilitate some of the novel interactions that we’re working on (more on this when we chat!)
  • Work with game artist to iterate on, and implement game assets and in-VR UI.
Job Requirements:
  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills.
    • You need to be able to both give, and take critical feedback without ego
  • Commitment to ongoing code quality maintenance & documentation.
    • If it’s broken, let’s throw it out and do better!
  • Proficiency with Unreal Engine 4.
  • Having been involved in shipping a game.
  • May your commits be small, and frequent.
  • Two or more years of professional working experience.
  • Be passionate about virtual reality, live streaming and/or gaming.


  • Experience working with UBT.
  • Experience working on multiplayer games.
  • Experience in 3D asset creation.
  • Experience with shaders.
  • Experience developing VR in Unreal.
  • Experience with DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan or similar graphics APIs.
  • Have a degree related to computer science.
  • Have experience working with remote teams.
  • Come from a background of streaming, bulletin boards/forums or watch live streams.
  • Play lots of any kind of games. Board games, VR games, tabletop RPGs, PC games.. any kind of games really!
  • Own a VR headset.
How To Apply:

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More Information

  • This job has expired!
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