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(Remote Work) Humbly Confident Digital Marketing Specialist – YNAB


Company Website:
Remote Locations: Worldwide
Job Type: Full Time

Job Overview:

We have a strong brand and a very loyal user base. We’ve also gone big on Content Marketing for the last decade with no sign of stopping. But if organic growth through Content and Referral Marketing is the wind at our sails, we’re also looking to pour more Digital Marketing gasoline into the engine to really get this ship moving!

In a heavily competitive (FinTech) ocean (was going to say landscape, but, you know, boats), navigating this boat (sticking with that metaphor) means hitting fairly aggressive KPI’s, but the good news is that we only have one product (YNAB) and really only two subscription tiers. Within that narrow scope, you’re excited about looking for opportunities with low CPM’s where you can improve CTR’s to lower CPC’s to get even lower CPA’s. Boom. Math.

And even though we know our core audience fairly well, we’re looking for you to use your expertise and finely-tuned processes to expand and test out new, uncharted, waters (I swear, that’s the last mention of the ship metaphor). Oh, and hey, as those new, potential-YNABers hit our marketing site, you’re hitting them (but in a nice way) with custom landing pages, specific to their ad creative, helping them make the life-changing decision to give YNAB a try.

Let’s say that YNAB didn’t change their life on that first go around. No problem. You’re looking at the data, and creating subtle, relatively personalized retargeting experiences that will help these future YNABers give it another go, and maybe this time, it sticks.

Overall, you are a master of the marketing funnel. You have a solid grasp on the customer journey/lifecycle and you have all of the tools in your toolbelt to efficiently and effectively put money behind helping these future YNABers hop on board (shoot. Probably fits the ship metaphor. I did try).

Job Responsibilities:
  • Planning, implementing, and executing campaigns for:
    • Paid Social (Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.)
    • SEM (Google, Bing)
    • Web and Mobile Display (Google UAC/Display, BuySellAds, etc.)
  • Creating various retargeting campaigns across several ad platforms.
  • Using custom built components in WordPress to build landing pages/funnels for LPO/CRO experiments in Google Optimize.
  • Using Amplitude, Google Analytics and Ad Platforms to track, analyze, optimize and report on spend.
  • Working with our content team to brainstorm and create new ad content (copy, visual design, video, etc.).
  • Assisting our Public Relations Manager to track and analyze influencer and affiliate campaigns.
  • Maybe being asked to rewrite the lyrics to popular songs to make them parodies about budgeting???
Job Requirements:
  • You have substantial experience planning, implementing and executing campaigns across all areas of Digital Marketing:
    • Paid Social
    • SEM
    • Mobile and Web Display
    • Retargeting
  • You can point to multiple Digital Marketing campaigns you’ve implemented from start to finish.
  • You can effortlessly fly around in Analytics, and ad platforms to understand, analyze and optimize spend.
  • You’re not a coder, but you fully understand tracking, attribution and how ad tech works for both web and mobile to help troubleshoot potential issues with developers.
  • You’re not a data scientist, but you feel comfortable picking out trends and patterns to test out new hypotheses and spend money effectively.
  • You’re not a web developer, but you love working with developers to set up CRO and LPO tests.
  • You relentlessly pursue high-quality work and continuous improvement. At the same time.
  • You have a deep appreciation for brand strength achieved only through uncompromising consistency.
  • You are a stellar communicator.
  • You are wildly productive and independent, but a team-player at heart.
  • You love to test, optimize, test, optimize and then test again.
  • You are willing to experiment even if it means chalking mistakes up to learning from time to time.
How To Apply:

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Apply below by 11:59PM PST on Thursday, February 25th, 2021. Firm. It’s a real deadline.

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