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(Remote Work) Inbound Sales Specialist – Improovy


Company Website:
Remote Locations: United States
Job Type: Full Time

Job Overview:

Improovy is a tech enabled home services company, and we are seeking a home improvement and sales guru to join our rapidly growing team. Do the following descriptions sound like achievements that you would surpass in your first year at Improovy?

  • You hit the ground running. You know the technical aspects of painting and home improvement and have experienced firsthand how painting projects vary in scope and challenge. You mastered Improovy’s sales process in just hours, were booking projects within the first day, and took advantage of the booming home improvement market, personally generating millions of dollars in sales.
  • Your LOVE of selling inspired to the entire team. You’re constantly looking for opportunities to convert more leads and generate more sales. Because you don’t have to worry about cold calling prospects, you are focused on mastering exactly what actions lead to the best conversion rate. We had believed that we were a highly motivated team, but your energy and passion brought us to a whole new level.
  • Over 75% of our customers left a 5-star review, citing your interaction as the primary reasons. Improovy is a home improvement company, but what Improovy customers are really purchasing is the knowledge and reassurance that their project will be done correctly the first time. Your communication and demeanor in every customer interaction exuded painting expertise and trustworthiness. Prospects expected to speak with a sales rep, but instead spoke with a trusted painting advisor that helped remove all of the anxiety and uncertainty from the process.
  • You were instrumental in testing and implementing new sales technologies and processes. As a young, rapidly growing tech company, new systems and processes are rolling out weekly. You not only embraced the new systems, but you provided insightful feedback that helped guide further iterations. You embody the startup spirit and creative problem solving needed to make a promising startup into the fastest growing home services company in the country.

With these accomplishments in your first year, we will want to make sure that you are tackling the challenges that most interest you, whether in sales or in other areas of the business, and grow your career with Improovy.

If you know that you would exceed these expectations, please share the following information:

  • A brief description of WHY you are confident that you will achieve these goals, and HOW you will go about doing so
  • Your resume
  • How would you prep a wall with failing paint?
Job Requirements:
  • Sales experience (2+ years)
  • Home Improvement experience (2+ years), painting preferred
  • Ability to work remotely (access to high speed internet, a reliable computer, and a smart phone)

Target income (salary + commission) of $70k-$100k

How To Apply:

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