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Greenback Expat Tax Services

Company Website: https://www.greenbacktaxservices.com/
Remote Locations: US
Job Type: Full time


Job Overview:

All talented marketeers know that the core to an excellent business is an excellent product. And, especially in the case of a service-based business, the core of an excellent product is an outstanding customer experience and journey. We’re hiring a resourceful, customer focused Product Manager to join our talented, high performing Greenback team.

Job Responsibilities:

You will be responsible, end to end for the suite of tax services that Greenback offers. This means the end to end experience that the customer goes through from the minute they consider us to do their taxes all the way to the minute they pay and come back the following year. This includes:

– The customer engagement process, from the minute the customer chooses us on our website. This means looking at creative ways to ensure we have the right customer journey that encourages retention.
– Our client portal- soup to nuts (built in Salesforce). You are responsible for the UI, the journey, ease of use, technical excellence. This is not just about maintenance but about a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement- from little things like the way that a question on our questionnaire is asked, all the way to big things like what the journey is, what steps are needed, what software and systems we use.
– All the marketing communications and workflows that sit behind that (managed in Salesforce and Hubspot).
– Supporting the accountant team on best practices for the customer experience, and ensuring that the workflow the accountants use also lends itself to meeting and exceeding customer needs (you will not manage the accountant team, but rather act as the customer advocate in ensuring the accountant habits and systems create an excellent customer experience).
– To be able to ensure excellence in our product and the customer experience end to end, you will need to:

  • Understand buyer personas- who are we helping? What do they need? How do we ensure that we are meeting those needs? Even better- how do we anticipate those needs?
  • Be a data nerd. Good experiences come from a mix of intuition and really careful testing, tweaking, and learning. You need to be able to measure and analyze all day each day- constantly improving.
  • Ask the right questions at the right times. Use our customer sat survey to guide business choices, and any other research, survey and listening tools as needed to deeply understand our customers experiences with us.
  • Know how to A/B test effectively.
  • Be technically savvy- use automation, software, and systems as the core, so that our incredible accountants can focus on tax prep.
Job Requirements:
  • 3+ years as a product manager in a B2C environment.
  • 2+ years experience mapping out end to end customer experience (ex: customer segmentation, marketing funnels).
  • 2+ years experience with testing strategies (ex: A/B testing in email marketing, funnels or website journeys).
  • 2+ years experience creating SOPs, process maps or documentation.
  • Excellent project management skills; either formal or informal – you are always the go-to person to keep a project organized and on track.
  • Past experience with Salesforce, ideally as a super user. Experience with Hubspot a plus but not required. In general, this role requires extreme technical competence. If you need a manual or a tech support team to guide software choices or management, this role isn’t for you.
  • Knowledge and general appreciation of the importance of UX, and past experience working with designers and developers to achieve the right look and feel.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and comfort with ambiguity.
  • Calm under pressure, resilient, and can shift quickly as needed. As a tax business, our deadline driven nature means there are times when stress is high, deadlines and tight and leadership is required to keep everyone calm. You need to be someone who creates that environment.
  • Fast paced, highly energetic and ambitious (we’re that way as a team, so need someone who can lead that way too!)
  • At least 1-year experience working remotely full time.
  • Note: we’re looking for people in US time zone only, overlapping a 9-5/8-4 working day with a EST and PST team.
  • Expat experience a plus!
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