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Company Website: https://www.theoremone.co/
Remote Locations: Worldwide
Job Type: Full Time

Job Overview:

Join our global team of 350+ craftspeople! We are a consultancy that solves business problems by designing and building highly complex custom software for the world’s leading companies. We are on a mission to dismantle the traditional consulting ecosystem and replace it with an effective framework for innovation that transforms the way businesses think about and solve problems from the inside out.
Founded in 2007, Theorem is a US-based, fully-distributed Product and Technology consulting firm that designs, builds, and delivers innovative product and strategy solutions for some of the most recognizable and forward-thinking organizations around the globe.  From global IoT platforms to tools and technology for trillion dollar companies, chances are you have interacted with a product built by Theorem.
Fundamental to TheoremOne’s success is our growing Product Strategy and Innovation practice.  This group is made up of stellar entrepreneurial-minded product managers, strategists, designers, researchers, and technologists that come together to discover and define the future of major organizations across the United States.
We are looking to hire a talented Product Strategist to be a key leader within this practice group.
Role Description
Lead a cross-functional team of researchers, designers and engineers towards the creation of stakeholder-validated product strategies, concepts, roadmaps, development plans and business cases to be built upon in future phases.

Job Responsibilities:

Project Management

    • Create clear project plans – including project goals, timelines, team responsibilities… – to address clients’ discovery needs.
    • Ensure project mission is at the forefront of all team and client activities.
    • Holistically manage and unite project tracks to ensure successful delivery of project mission and objectives.
    • Ensure timely delivery of all communications, product assets, and project deliverables.
    • Deliver weekly remote updates and presentations to the client team.

Team Management

    • Effectively manage internal (TheoremOne) and extended team members (e.g. client stakeholders, contractors, subject matter experts…).
    • Inspire project team through example, always leading from the front.

Client Management

    • Effectively and regularly communicate with client teams ensuring alignment on and fulfillment of client needs.
    • Assist in directing and influencing client towards making key business decisions that will ultimately bring greatest value to the client.
    • Facilitate remote and onsite workshops with clients and stakeholders.

Product Management

    • Organize learnings with the goal of creating a clear, compelling future product vision – that provides maximum client value.
    • Align the client and team around the product vision and stated project mission.
    • Develop and communicate a clear and realistic road map to achieving an aspirational future state.
    • Work with client stakeholders to identify financial implications of future state development, particularly around required investment, trade-offs, and ROI.

User Research

    • Identify core problems and opportunities of current state tools, processes, and technology.
    • Collaborate with research colleagues to uncover key user learnings & insights.
    • Assimilate research learnings around user needs and requirements.
    • Assist with conducting user research.
    • Contribute to the creation of research artifacts and deliverables.

User Experience Design

    • Collaborate with design colleagues to rapidly ideate on aspirational future-state UI and UX product concepts.
    • Develop inspirational artifacts that clearly communicate and illustrate a future-state vision.
    • Ensure all future state artifacts are grounded in user experience best practices.

Technology Research & Strategy

    • Understand the current state of relevant technology as it pertains to client tooling and market competition.
    • Collaborate with engineering colleagues to identify a future state technical vision and delivery recommendations.
Discovery Process 
  • Audit TheoremOne’s past discovery projects, aiming to identify current approach, current pain points, as well as opportunities for improvement.
  • Explore ways to adjust TheoremOne’s approach to Discovery projects to allow for better efficiency, productivity, consistency, and quality of work.
  • Consider ways to improve Discovery project value add to clients and their willingness to sign on for additional work with TheoremOne.
Team management
  • Consider new ways to organize team members for improved efficiency and performance.
  • Examine methods to train new hires as well as keep existing team members informed on emerging best practices in research, design, and engineering.
  • Within the department, consider ways to improve collaboration, individual agency, and general work happiness.
Sales Support
  • Collaborate with the sales team members to seize opportunities and ensure alignment plans for the future phase work being presented
  • Develop strategic plans that are actionable by our clients to secure funding for a future phase or project that has been presented in a way as to communicates the value to our clients, which will lead to subsequent work


  • 100% REMOTE – We’re fully distributed
  • TEAM RETREATS – We value our face to face interaction, so our team enjoys regular retreats (on pause due to Covid-but will kick back off when safe and compliant)
  • EDUCATION AND CAREER GROWTH – We encourage our team to undertake any professional growth opportunities available, and we offer programs and financial assistance to achieve this!
  • HEALTHY BODY, HEALTHY MIND – HAPPY TEAM – We offer paid vacation and support healthy lifestyles through our physical fitness benefits program.
  • COMPANYWIDE VISIBILITY – We operate in a fully transparent environment to ensure we as a company and team have full understanding of where we came from, and where we are going.
  • HEALTHCARE & FINANCE – For US & UK based full time employees; we have comprehensive benefits.

How To Apply:

Unsure if your skills meet all of our requirements?
Apply anyway! We would love to meet you and find out more about how your skills could add value. At TheoremOne, we value open communication and feedback. We believe that diversity of identity, perspective, and experience makes us stronger; we would love to hear your perspective too!
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