(Remote Work) Software Engineer – Intergiro


Company Website: https://intergiro.com/
Remote Locations: Europe
Job Type: Full Time

Job Overview:

Are you interested in joining an incredibly fast-growing and forward-thinking European FinTech startup?

The internet allowed anyone to share information across the world. WordPress allowed anyone to build websites on the internet. Intergiro allows anyone to embed financial services into their systems. Hear first hand from our CEO on Tech Crunch.

Come and join our dynamic and mission focussed team to help shape the future of the ‘embedded finance’ revolution.

We take our culture very seriously.

We want to be the best kind of company and the best kind of environment, for the best kind of people. We aim to offer a workplace where everyone has the space to grow and the opportunity to do so.

By joining us, you’re joining a startup with a fun, open, entrepreneurial culture that will give you responsibilities and full autonomy.

💡 We believe in idea meritocracy: the best one wins, no matter where it came from.

💬 We make sure to create a safe space for open communication so everyone can express their views and speak the truth to power.

👩‍⚖️ Our decision making is completely transparent, and you will be able to have a real impact on the outcome.
Our expectations

  • You are our ideal candidate if you are a seasoned backend engineer with real-world experience or an honest interest in Node.JS. Love for FinTech and understanding of large-scale applications in the financial or banking domain is a plus, but we’re happy to help you evolve and develop with us.
  • You have an urge for continuous self-improvement, you are a true team player, and you solve complex problems in your sleep.
  • You are self-motivated, you work autonomously and think independently.

Job Responsibilities:

  • End-to-end building, developing and deploying of financial services
  • Using a functional style of programming, simple, maintainable, idiomatic and high-quality code
  • Creating & conducting tests
  • Owning problems within your team’s domain
  • Collaborating with multiple teams within a clean architecture paradigm
  • Being fully involved in building a great product

Some of the technology you will be working with: Javascript, Node.js, MongoDB, MySQL, React, Docker, Kubernetes, TeamCity CI, Google Cloud Platform.

Job Requirements:

  • 2+ years of relevant backend experience
  • English at verbal Intermediate and above
  • Experience with TDD
  • Appetite for Continuous Delivery practices
  • Hands-on experience building complex server-side applications
  • Good knowledge of Javascript or Typescript
  • Understanding of SQL, ACID
  • Familiarity with distributed architecture design principles


  • Opportunity to work with like-minded individuals in a modern and fast-paced environment
  • Employment benefits package focused on work/life balance
  • Comfortable working conditions with flexible working hours
  • Medical insurance
  • Sports expenses compensation
  • Top-quality equipment
  • Education sponsored by the company and being a part of the culture

How To Apply:

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More Information

Our Location:

200, Yuhyeon-ro, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South korea