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(Remote Work) Software Engineer Rails & more, f/m/d – PlaytestCloud


Company Website:
Remote Locations: European Union
Job Type: Full Time

Job Overview:

30% of the 100 top grossing mobile games have been tested with PlaytestCloud. Help us make it 100%!

  • We’re the premier user testing provider for mobile games – we help game studios worldwide make the best games they possibly can.
  • We built technology that modifies iOS and Android games on the binary level to add screencast recording, security features and instructions.
  • We’re bootstrapped and profitable, with 300+ paying customers and 600’000+ testers.

We want to hire two Software Engineers (f/m/d) this quarter to help us speed up product development and bring new exciting features to market.


  • Web platform: Ruby on Rails/TypeScript/Angular
  • PlaytestCloud App (iOS/Android): Flutter
  • Recording Library (Android): Java
  • Recording Library (iOS): Objective-C
Job Responsibilities:

We’re looking for an engineer who is experienced with backend web development (ideally Ruby on Rails, but any MVC framework will do) and has some experience with frontend development (for example React, Vue or Angular). They are also interested in learning about mobile development (Flutter, iOS, Android) as they go.

Example tasks might include (we work on everything as a team):

  • Add a list of current game tests to our Flutter App, for which you also need to implement the REST backend in our Rails app.
  • Hook up an external API to add sentiment information to our player videos.
  • Integrate a Python Tensorflow CNN into our Ruby video processing pipeline.
Job Requirements:
  • you have experience working on real-world web applications, through university projects or prior jobs
  • Minimal amount of meetings – both founders are engineers and understand how important undisrupted focus is
  • Lots of variety in challenges and technologies
  • Amazing co-workers, share things you’ve learned within the team and vice-versa
  • Flexible hours – we just care that you get your work done, not what hours you’re around for
  • Budget for your own professional development (e-learning, conference visits, …)
  • Work from anywhere in the European Union, even after COVID is over.
  • If you want to move to Germany: Visa assistance and budget for German language classes
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