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Senior Software Developer – Kuali Inc.

Job Expired

Kuali Inc.

Company Website:
Remote Locations: Worldwide
Job Type: Full Time

Job Overview:

Kuali is looking for a Senior Front-End Javascript Engineer, with a willingness and interest to grow in a full-stack environment. We use React and Redux for our front-end and NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB for our back-end. Our software engineers have responsibility for their services top to bottom, we work in a full-stack process, and we are looking to enhance our team with stronger front-end skills. We are building evolving products involving multiple microservices that communicate over RESTful services utilizing single-page applications to deliver an amazing and accessible experience to our users. This position is on our Research/Compliance product team.

Kuali builds open source higher ed solutions in a competitive space where users are just waiting to be delighted.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Helping set architectural direction for our services architecture.
  • Creating elegant code.
  • Building relationships with customers to develop a deep understanding of their needs.
  • Supporting critical bugs and security issues in a DevOps role.
  • Advocating passionately for customer priorities during product development.
  • Creating amazing software and services.
  • Talking and listening to customers (and other developers) about their challenges, hopes, and dreams.
Job Requirements:
  • You’ve worked on multiple production-grade web applications.
  • You code better than most.
  • You care about the quality of your code.
  • You care about user experience and accessibility but are also comfortable building a solid backend system.
  • You know what WCAG and AAA are and how to build a system that can meet these requirements.
  • You enjoy building and can deliver beautiful user experiences, but can also balance priorities and sometimes sacrifice that pixel perfection in order to deliver features.
  • You’re well versed in at least one programming language, but preferably several.
  • You’re versatile. You know when to dream big and when to act small. You’re equally comfortable in both greenfield and refactoring projects.
  • You’re a collaborator. You build great relationships with other engineers, customers, and our open source communities.
  • You’re inspired to achieve results, and your enthusiasm is contagious.
  • You’re passionate about your role in helping clients and other developers achieve their missions, and you advocate for them fiercely.
  • You’re curious and continuously seek knowledge and share your discoveries with others.
  • You know how to influence and serve.
  • You understand the complexity of large enterprise applications.
  • You’ve used agile methodologies and have ideas on how you’d improve them.
  • You’re into Continuous Delivery and interested and willing to work in a DevOps environment.
  • You have experience with the Higher Education and/or Research community.
  • You’ve shipped Software as a Service (SaaS) products.
  • You’ve worked with a microservices architecture.
  • You’ve been through incremental refactoring efforts.
  • You’ve worked on mobile apps.

Why join us? Our work matters — we’re helping our customers improve the quality of higher education by decreasing administrative costs. We compete in a competitive space where users are saddled with outdated, inefficient, legacy ERPs and eager to be delighted. We’re generating revenue and growing quickly with nearly 170 customers and 100 employees. Kuali is committed to open source software development. You’ll have a significant impact on what we do and how we do it because we are an empowered group of entrepreneurs. Plus, you’ll get to work with some truly amazing people at a fast-growing, design-centric EdTech startup.

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  • This job has expired!
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