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Job Description:

Sales Rockstars Only: Fast-Paced Growing Startup

Before you read any further, please ask yourself whether you’re a sales rock star. If the answer is yes, continue, because you’re about embark upon a rollercoaster of fun and learning.

If you believe you are *NOT* a sales rockstar, please close this ad. Rockstars only.

What is Helpjuice?

Helpjuice is a fast-paced, growing, startup leading the knowledge management space with thousands of customers, amongst whom are: The US Government, Hertz, TCL Electronics, Stanford University, and many others.

Why Should I work there?

We take pride in what we build, and our customers notice this. Our net promoter score and customer satisfaction index are amongst the highest in our industry. The reason for this is simple: We have a fast-paced, rockstar team, that’s always learning & helping each other.

Job Description

We are currently hiring for a Inside Sales Position to deal with an influx of 40-60 WARM leads. Your responsibility would be to:

  • Communicate with the Sales Director & CEO and provide weekly briefs and projections for each week. E.g.: I closed $X this week and will hit $y if a, b and c happens
  • Helping clients love the product by educating them & understanding their needs.
  • Personally follow up via call/email to help customer understand the value of Helpjuice, and how we differ from our competition
  • Handling support for current customers you onboard

Job Responsibilities:

 Onboard customers and do product demos (you’ll be doing this a lot)

– Helping clients with using Helpjuice to solve multiple scenarios (being creative with utilizing the product to do more)

– Talk with customers and write a case study

– Reach out to customers likely to churn to offer help

– Increase average revenue per account by upselling

– Tracking every customer cancelation, calling them, and understanding why they canceled, and marking it all down.

– Customer Support. Yes, we all do this, even the CEO.

– Managing CRM (Pipedrive)

Job Requirements:

You have the amazing opportunity to join our sales team. This position is a very important one, and requires a great understanding of English (you’ll be having phone calls 20% of the time), good technical skills (talking about the product and the tech behind it), as well as soft sales skills

How To Apply:

Apply using the link in Custom Application URL

More Information

  • This job has expired!

Our Location: 200, Yuhyeon-ro, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea