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Job Description:

It’s kinda strange, ‘cause…

You’ve always had the feeling, that something like this would come along.

Of course you are an excellent programmer, and understand code.

But sitting in your mamas basement (pretending it’s a command center), when all you’d be doing was write endless snippets of code, that would make most people fall asleep trying to read it (or even-more-so trying to understand it), whilst getting unhealthy from quenching your dorito-caused-thirst with half liter monsters…

Well, that never really was your thing.

No, you want something else for yourself.

You want to connect with customers.

And have fun helping them succeed.

And you want to serve and feel the pulse of the people you save.

You wouldn’t mind leading a support team either.

And that’s good, because here’s the thing…

My lovely chief of staff (Deanna) needs to have somebody take over this task, not because she isn’t good at leading the support team (in fact, you’ll have to step it up to to impress us when she passes the baton on to you) – but because we are growing faster and faster, and thus I can’t have my chief of staff tied up in the nitty-gritty of support problems.

But then again, rising up to this challenge shouldn’t be a problem for you, because as we’ve already seen…

This job is what you’ve been waiting for.

You just didn’t know it until now.

But you can thank me later… for now (if you got the nerves for it) let’s get you and Deanna in front of each other on skype, so she can spot if there is some real skill in you and you can see if your selfidence will stand the test of a live encounter.

No, I’m just kidding.

We’re actually kind people over here.

And we want to hear from you sooner than later, so why don’t you just hit us with a few words about yourself and about how our lives would be worse (if not miserable) without you on the team?

Apply right now.

Calvin Correli CEO and founder of Simplero

Mission You’re here to make sure we have the right people in support, that they have the right training, and are being held accountable for the right metrics and being held accountable for the right things.

You’ll optimize everything about support, including our knowledge base, coming up with and advocating for improvements to the product to increase customer success, improvements to our internal tools, and anything else we can do to improve quality, reduce cost, and increase delight, all at the same time.

Outcomes to be measured by Rate of customer delight Support staff skill level, culture, and happiness Time to first response and successful resolution Support cost per customer

About Simplero Simplero is a freedom machine: It lets our customers escape corporate America and create a living doing something that excites them, independent of time and place.

Simplero is a business machine: It runs our customers’ businesses so they can focus on transforming lives, on connecting with their own customers, and on their own spiritual journey.

Simpero is a transformation machine: The lives of our customers and their customers are forever transformed through building their business and living on Simplero. Each interaction with Simplero lifts their vibration.

Simplero is a well-oiled machine: The software and the company as a whole runs incredibly smoothly. We compete against much larger competitors by being incredibly effective and efficient.

Simplero was founded by and is led by Calvin Correli, who’s a very talented developer himself. He has been programming since he was a kid, and has been on Rails since the very beginning.

Simplero is a Software as a Service platform for small business and “solopreneurs.” It allows customers to sell online courses in everything from business, marketing, and how to rent your house on AirBnB, to yoga and meditation and how to live a happy life.

We have an incredible, dedicated team and brilliant and roughly 1000 amazing customers with a total reach of over 5 million people all over the world, and growing each week.

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