(Remote Work) Compliance Coordinator – Trusted, Inc.

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Job Overview

  • Job Title Compliance Coordinator
  • Hiring Organization Trusted, Inc.
  • Company Website https://www.trustedhealth.com/
  • Remote Locations US
  • Job Type  Remote, Full-Time

We are looking for ambitious, organized professionals to join our Compliance Coordinator team, which is responsible for ensuring that clinicians who have been placed to have an assignment with Trusted are credentialed and onboarded in an experience that is on-time and enjoyable. This is a dynamic role, requiring someone who is able to juggle multiple priorities and deadlines while staying organized. This role is candidate and client-facing, so we are looking for someone able to provide exceptional support while working in a fast-paced environment. You will be working highly cross-functionally, so the ability to achieve success within a team is a must.

Job Responsibilities

  • Owns onboarding and compliance tasks for new and returning travel clinicians
  • Meets and exceeds facility expectations through clear, concise, timely, and professional communication
  • Establishes and builds strong relationships with facilities, clients, and clinicians
  • Contributes to team resources by ensuring process documentation and best practices are up-to-date and accurate
  • Look ahead for ways to prevent any complications with the onboarding process, and work to mitigate those risks in a smooth and deliberate approach

Job Requirements

  • 1+ years in healthcare staffing credentialing or compliance required
  • 2-4 years in a fast-paced environment or high-growth startup that requires both customer service and strong organizational skills preferred
  • A high level of comfort and ease in learning and managing different technology systems
  • Highly organized and able to manage many relationships, issues, and projects simultaneously
  • Experience with tools such as Google Workspace, Asana, Slack, and Salesforce is a plus

Who you are

  • Organized & processed-focused. You’re the one everyone expects to plan the next trip, event, or outing. You have impeccable attention to detail. You’ve been known to color-code your binders and you may have used a label maker once or twice. You can juggle multiple competing priorities and when things fall through the crack—well, with you, that never happens.
  • Self-motivated. You feel highly responsible for the outcome of the projects you’re involved in and your friends and colleagues know they can count on you to “get things done.” Working for an early-stage startup is exciting to you and you thrive when there is a little bit of ambiguity in the air. You don’t wait for direction, you seize opportunities and want to be on a team that thinks the same way.
  • Tech-savvy. You like to create efficiencies with technology, you’ve hacked together your own systems to create efficiencies in your daily operating rhythm. You’re a master of Microsoft Office, and you love project management tools. You’re comfortable with new software programs and you’re excited to work closely with an experienced, high-caliber product team.
  • Fast learner. Ok, so maybe you haven’t done 100% on the list above, but you’re excited about picking up new things and you think learning curves are more like runways. You’re a self-starter and if provided with the right direction you’ll figure out how to get to the destination.
  • People-focused. You’re passionate about helping people. You have an uncanny ability to build trust, credibility, and relationships with candidates, clients, and teammates. You’re a strong, clear, and direct communicator able to inform and influence with your words.

Employee Benefits

  • Paid vacation & sick time, paid family leave, and flexible work hours
  • Employer-paid health insurance, vision, and dental
  • Employer-paid life insurance
  • Mindfulness and fitness reimbursement
  • Monthly cell phone reimbursement
  • Employer-sponsored 401k
$59,000 – $61,998 a year

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More Information

  • This job has expired!