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Job Overview

  • Job Title Developer Advocate, APAC
  • Hiring Organization Swirlds Labs
  • Company Website https://swirldslabs.com/
  • Remote Locations APAC
  • Job Type  Remote, Full-Time

Swirlds Labs was established with the mission to accelerate the future, built on Hedera – the most used, greenest, enterprise-grade public ledger for the decentralized economy. Our vision is to enable ‘Shared Worlds’, where anyone can gather, collaborate, conduct commerce, and control their own online footprint. We will enable this vision by continuing to provide development and other support for the Hedera network, building community and enterprise solutions that enable fast, rapidly scalable adoption of Hedera network services, and cultivating ‘moonshot’ projects that will change the way humans and organizations interact in cyberspace.

Job Responsibilities

As a Developer Advocate for Swirlds Labs, your job is to be on the edge of the newest developments in Hedera and in the overall web3/blockchain ecosystem. You will stay updated on the innovative use cases of decentralized networks for a variety of industries, including crypto, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, enterprise banking, gaming, sustainability, and many others. You will then use that knowledge to empower the Hedera Council members, clients, pre-sales leaders, developer community, and other partners with the ability to build innovative decentralized applications using Hedera as the best-in-class public distributed ledger. You will lead learning and project planning workshops and also provide in-depth knowledge of the Hedera technology stack in support of live deployments, events, and technical discussions. You will also play an important role in representing the voice of the partners and developers in the community to ultimately improve the Hedera network. This role is great for people with technical aptitude and an entrepreneurial spirit who want to make a difference in evolving the web3 industry together with amazing technical talent.

  • Being the technical Hedera product expert empowering others to build on Hedera
  • Staying updated on the latest developments in the blockchain ecosystem and sharing this knowledge both internally and externally
  • Understanding developer user journeys and enabling newcomers to participate in the ecosystem
  • Working with the product and engineering teams to deliver the feedback and design future Hedera improvements through Hedera Improvement Proposals
  • Defining industry and use case best practices
  • Delivering successful partner and end-customer workshops
  • Engaging and enabling developers through social media channels
  • Participating in and recording educational podcasts and video tutorials
  • Speaking at technical meetups and conferences

Job Requirements

A Developer Advocate should be able to lean on his or her vast technical knowledge, extensive experience, and general engineering prowess to effectively assist projects and make suggestions or recommendations for improvements.

  • Solid and diverse engineering skills, with a finger on the pulse of current development technologies across several platforms
  • Experience developing decentralized applications on public or private networks, especially using EVM-compatible networks
  • Experience using web3 development tools: Hardhat, Truffle, Open Zeppelin, etc.
  • Friendly and approachable; a great mentor
  • Willingness to travel anywhere our communities live a few times every quarter
  • Ability to work irregular hours and some weekends to support conferences, user groups, and other developer events
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and the ability to act effectively with only high-level direction
  • Very social, a willingness and desire to make connections while meeting and talking with people
  • Strong English verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently

Other skills that are great to bring with you but that we can help you develop:

  • Existing skills working with systems integrators and major enterprise software vendors
  • Existing leadership and service in developer communities
  • Technical writing skills as demonstrated via blog posts and other written work
  • Willingness to take the stage is essential for inspiring developers. A Developer Advocate needs to deliver presentations that are effective and respectful of an audience’s time and attention
  • A deep industry specialty and network are strongly preferred
  • An active GitHub account demonstrative of your technical abilities and interests

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