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Company Website: https://www.timedoctor.com/
Remote Locations: APAC region
Job Type: Full Time

Job Overview:

Location: Remote-Worldwide
Category: Sales
Job Type: Full-Time

With the company growing 10x year after year, we’re creating sales pods of 3 SDRs for every AE in 4 major regions around the globe. This manager will report to the VP of sales, be responsible for managing a team of 12 SDRs, and will be supported by a management team that puts people first. What this means is a great amount of focus on understanding each individual, helping them achieve their personal and professional goals through training and coaching, and removing obstacles.

The overarching sales team’s values are self defined as enabling each other, trusting and respecting each other, being solution focused, always persevering, having faith in the law of averages, celebrating wins and moving on, and speaking with clarity and compassion.

This is an opportunity to have an impact on people’s lives and the environment as well as to give companies the tools they need to build a more diverse workforce. Every time a company can hire someone to work remotely means they can pull from more diverse cultural backgrounds, remove that person’s car from the road, and give them more time to spend with their family.

Our vision is to be the most trusted time-tracking and productivity application for remote teams. We help companies and employees do their best work. We are looking for people passionate about spreading the practice of remote work with all of the benefits that come with it. We believe that office life is antiquated, that geography should not limit your career prospects, and that people should be able to work from wherever they want.

We’re a diverse global team of over 100 people working 100% remotely in more than 30 different countries. We’re looking for an innovative Account Executive, ready to help us modernize remote work. Learn more about us here – https://www.timedoctor.com/about-us.html

Job Responsibilities:
  • Hire: Use your skills to interview and identify the great talent among the good and ensure that they come on board.
  • Onboard: Use your experience onboarding new SDRs to give them an experience that teaches about the product, their role, and the company as well as ensure that they retain that knowledge after onboarding.
  • Train: Identify and proactively reduce gaps in knowledge, skills, or experience by creating and conducting weekly trainings that not only impart knowledge but engage people so that they can absorb that knowledge.
  • Manage Performance: Stay on top of your people’s performance to make sure they are overachieving and that anyone who isn’t is being given the support they need to overachieve.
  • Manage Behaviors/Activities: Understand that outbound sales is ultimately a numbers problem and manage your people using certain behaviors and activities to overachieve.
  • Engage in Personal Development: Take control of your personal development by engaging in training each year as well as working directly with the VP of sales to receive coaching and training.
Job Requirements:
  • Language: English
  • Location: Able to work normal working hours in the APAC region
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience: 2-5 years experience managing SDR teams
  • Coachable: We have a strong culture of giving positive and constructive feedback and it’s critical that you are comfortable receiving and implementing feedback.
  • Goal Oriented: You have specific goals you are striving for or specific expectations of who you are working towards becoming.
  • Desire to Coach: You have a format for how you coach, a cadence for when you coach, topics you are comfortable coaching on, and know how to follow up on coaching
  • Experience Creating Campaigns: You have experience creating campaigns like “closed lost” and “regions” and are able to talk through the process you took to run that campaign and measure its success
  • Real Experience of how to motivate: You have experience understanding the needs and desires of your people to tap into a deep rooted motivation and understand that your actions set the tone for the team
  • Retain Talent and Create a Winning Culture: You have experience making a team want to overachieve, want to go through a brick-wall for you or their peers, and know how to take people who are looking to leave to actually stay and work hard
  • Hubspot Experience: Experience with Hubspot is preferred, but will make onboarding and overachieving much easier
  • Working from Home: You have a fast internet connection, a place to work without distraction and are comfortable working from home
How To Apply:

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More Information

  • This job has expired!

Our Location: 200, Yuhyeon-ro, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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