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Job Overview

As an engineering leader in SOCi, you will work with your counterparts in Product Management and Design to deliver valuable products to our customers. You create a culture of learning, exploration, customer-centricity and proactive problem-solving.

You ensure that every member of your team is partnering strongly with their respective counterparts in Product and Design, to form cross-functional Empowered Product Teams. You understand the difference between mercenary and missionary engineering teams, and set the direction to ensure the latter is happening. You’ve learned about the costs of top-down, command-and-control leadership and abhor it, instead aspiring to be a Servant Leader. You know how to create a sense of purpose and drive in the organization. You value learning above everything else, and expect that from your teams. You quickly recognize waste and inefficiencies and eliminate them on sight.

Strong technical background, as well as deep understanding of modern product management (Marty Cagan, Dan Olsen etc school of thought) and modern software development (Tom & Mary Poppendieck, Woody Zuil, Allen Holub, etc) practices will be critical to your success. You are able to speak both with engineers as well as product managers and designers in their own language and build trust, credibility and joint success in delivering valuable customer outcomes.

Being responsible for your team, you take a strong interest in their growth and career development – you are keenly aware that investing in people is the key to great technology and products. You do so through mentoring, guidance, servant leadership and radical candor.

About Us:

SOCi is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the country, ranking in the top tier of Inc 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies in America list for the last 4 years in a row.  The builder of an award-winning enterprise SaaS marketing platform, and one of Forbes’ Best Startup Employers, SOCi boasts hundreds of the world’s largest brands as its customers. The SOCi platform specifically solves complicated marketing and workflow problems for national and global multi-location brands that want to scale and optimize their presence across search, social, reviews, listening, ads, bots, and more. As the largest localized marketing platform in the world, SOCi makes the impossible possible by enabling top brands and their locations to strengthen and scale their digital presence across limitless locations.

Job Requirements

  • 7+ years in hands-on engineering roles (4+ in senior / principal level)
  • 5+ years in managing teams of at least 10 engineers
  • Solid understanding of AWS Well-Architected Framework, DevOps maturity framework and micro-service architectures
  • Solid understanding of OOP, relational database design, functional programming, and PHP/JS/MySQL
  • Strong product orientation with a track record of building great products
  • Strong track record of building well-performing teams
  • Solid understanding of Lean (“Lean Software Development” [Poppendieck], “Goal” [Goldratt])
  • Deep understanding modern Product Management techniques (“Inspired” & “Empowered” [Cagan], “Lean Product Playbook” [Olsen], etc)
  • Skilled in giving feedback, creating accountability and building trust (“Crucial Accountability” [Patterson], “Radical Candor” [Scott], “Speed of Trust” [Covey], etc)
  • Deep understanding of creating and facilitating learning organizations (“Fifth Discipline” [Senge])
  • Demonstrated track record of partnership with product management and product designers

How To Apply

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More Information

  • This job has expired!

Our Location: 200, Yuhyeon-ro, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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