(Remote Work) Head of Product Analytics – Social Discovery Group

Job Overview

  • Job Title Head of Product Analytics
  • Hiring Organization Social Discovery Group
  • Company Website (https://socialdiscoverygroup.com/
  • Remote Locations Worldwide
  • Job Type  Remote, Full-Time

Social Discovery Group (SDG) is a global technology company that builds apps at the intersection of dating, social, and entertainment. The company’s portfolio includes 70 social discovery platforms with a focus on AI, game mechanics, and video streaming. We actively support and invest in social discovery startups worldwide through our CVC fund.

More than 500 million people in 150 countries enjoy our products, and we strive to have ten times as many.

SDG invests in social discovery technology startups around the world. Our Investments include Open AI, Patreon, Flo, RAW, EVA AI, Clubhouse, Magnet, Woebot, Flure, Astry, Coursera, Academia, Harbour, Space, Auto1, DocSend, AppAnnie, Rapyd, Boom Supersonic, Trading, View, K-Health and many others.

We solve the problem of loneliness, isolation, and disconnection with the help of digital reality.

Our digital nomad team of more than 1200 professionals works all over the world. Together, we are solving the prevalent problem of loneliness and shaping Social Life 3.0 – a new digital reality where people will be able to fulfil their needs for communication and attention from other people and artificial life forms.

Our teams of digital nomads live and work remotely from Cyprus, Malta, the USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Poland, Israel, Turkey, Latvia and many others.

We are looking for a Head of Product Analytics, who will join the Research Center of our Core Business unit to lead 5 talented Product Analysts.

The research center is the hub for analyzing core products. Our team comprises Data Engineers, Product Analysts, Machine Learning specialists, and a small UX research team. We can tackle complex, creative tasks within the same department. Our employees continuously grow professionally due to high standards and a friendly team atmosphere.

Job Responsibilities

  • Evaluating the results of publications, including experiments;
  • Analyzing the causes of critical deviations in sales;
  • Testing hypotheses from business units;
  • Assessing the potential effects of the road map task;
  • Searching for product growth points;
  • Collecting, storing and visualizing data;
  • AI- creation and implementation.

Job Requirements

  • Confident knowledge of mathematical statistics and probability theory. Experience in the applied application of mathematical statistics, especially in the evaluation of experiments.
  • Understanding the principles of building hypotheses.
  • Knowledge of the basics of digital marketing and experience with unit economics of products.
  • Knowledge of database principles, including relational ones. Experience in writing database queries.
  • Ability to use BI tools and the possibility of data self-service.
  • Knowledge of ML model creation and implementation

Employee Benefits

  • REMOTE OPPORTUNITY to work full time;
  • Vacation 28 calendar days per year;
  • 7 wellness days per year (time off) that can be used to deal with household issues, to lie down and recover without taking sick leave;
  • Bonuses up to $5000 for recommending successful applicants for positions in the company;
  • Full payment for professional training, international conferences and TRAVEL”>TRAVEL”>meetings;
  • Corporate discount for English lessons;
  • ?Health benefits. If you are not eligible for corporate medical insurance, the company will compensate you with up to $ 1,000 gross per year per employee, according to the paychecks. This can be spent on self-purchase of health insurance or on doctor’s fees for yourself and close relatives (spouse, children);
  • ?Workplace organization. The company provides all employees with an equipped workplace and all the necessary equipment (table, armchair, wifi, etc.) in our offices or co-working locations. In the other locations, the company provides reimbursement of workplace costs up to $ 1000 gross once every 3 years, according to the paychecks. This money can be spent on the rent of the co-working room, on equipping the working place at home (desk, chair, Internet, etc.) during those 3 years;
  • Internal gamified gratitude system: receive bonuses from colleagues and exchange them for time off, merch, team building activities, massage certificates, etc.

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