(Remote Work) Mobile Engineer – Eneba

Job Overview

  • Job Title Mobile Engineer
  • Hiring Organization Eneba
  • Company Website https://www.eneba.com/
  • Remote Locations Worldwide
  • Job Type  Remote, Full-Time
We’re building an open, safe and sustainable marketplace for the gamers of today and tomorrow. Our marketplace supports more than 9m+ active users (and growing fast!), provides a level of trust, safety and market accessibility unparalleled to none. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in such a short time and look forward to sharing this journey with you. Join us as we continue to scale, diversify our portfolio, and grow with the evolving community of gamers.

About your team

Behind every groundbreaking product, there’s an awesome team! In Product, we gather folks with diverse backgrounds and expertise in areas such as product development, management, design, QA, UX, analytics, and more. We move fast, experiment, learn a lot, and build new products for our growing base of 9+ million active users. At the same time, we continue to iterate and improve on our flagship products: Digital, a safe and affordable marketplace for gamers. Physical, where we enable users to turn their second-hand items into someone’s first-tier gaming experience. Or Payments & Risk, where we provide a smooth, secure and reliable purchase experience.
€39,600 – €66,000 a year
*Salary ranges may vary. We’re seeking candidates with varied experience levels; from individual contributors to functional leaders in this space.
*We’re an international team and our business language of choice is English. Good English level is required, proficiency is preferred.

Job Responsibilities

  • Design, develop, deploy, maintain, and improve Eneba mobile application.
  • Produce code that reads like poetry and take full ownership of your work: build, ship, and maintain your codebase to the highest standards as we scale.
  • Raise the bar of our entire technology stack: detect and act upon inefficiencies in architecture, codebase design, and/or implementations with O(n!) complexity.
  • Develop new features while in product discovery, bring innovations to vendor tooling, and launch reliable and scalable solutions in a timely manner.
  • Effectively partner with product managers, fellow engineers, designers, and the entire cross-functional product team maximizing user value.
  • Deliver measurable impact, track outcomes, and bring continuous improvements to dramatically boost our team’s impact.

Job Requirements

  • 2+ years of experience working with React and React Native.
  • Working knowledge of TypeScript, GraphQL.
  • Experience in publishing applications (App Store Connect, Google Play).
  • Experience using TDD and CI/CD principles and tools (Jest, Fastlane, CodePush).
  • Experience in communicating with cross-functional and technical teams, as well as product management to collect requirements, describe software product features, technical designs, and engineering/product strategy.
  • Self-learner, eager to develop domain-specific knowledge as business goals change.
  • Team player able to recognize and utilize individual teammates’ strengths for the good of the team.

Preferred requirements as we grow

  • Experience in native iOS and/or Android development.

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