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Job Overview

  • Job Title Operations Coordinator
  • Hiring Organization Invisible Technologies
  • Company Website https://www.invisible.co/
  • Remote Locations Worldwide
  • Job Type  Remote, Full-Time

As Operations Coordinator (OC), you embark on a journey to ensure the core DNA of Everest, operates at the highest levels of excellence you can personally achieve, and hopefully even surpass. Your role is pivotal in making sure the group of clients you will follow, truly feel satisfied by our service and grow as individuals as we grow the service around them. Your focus is to ensure that your team of Squad Leads, Senior Operators and Operators you will lead, rests not only highly performing and driven, but also trained and regularly up-skilled, to ensure they are ready to tackle an ever growing set of challenges clients will face them with. You won’t be alone in this. Operations Leads (OLs) will be assisting you closely, ensuring you always feel you are properly backed up and mentored. The Director of Operations will also be in close communication, ensuring you also receive proper strategic coaching and upskilling, while giving you proper overview of the company’s development and priorities. According to the stage of the company, you will mostly be collaborating inside a pool of other Operations Coordinators, that cover your exact same role, but with different Clients and team members. You will also be held personally accountable for embodying Everest’s dream promise, reaching the peak of your personal and professional potential. Are you ready?

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage Client Relationships: Oversee operational delivery to a book of clients (3 to 5) to ensure that their evolving needs are met. Strong communication, clear expectations management and service-level agreements meet timely troubleshooting.
  • Address client concerns promptly through your team of Squad Leads and Senior Operators and work proactively to exceed client expectations. Ensure time tracking and billing are accurate. Report proactively on a weekly basis the health of your accounts, but also of the team members you manage. Deep dive into Metrics and Data, with the support of the Data & Analytics team. Understand the signals behind the data, so you foresee trends and signals of risk. Client Onboarding: Oversee the successful onboarding of new clients to the team, documentation and processes. The Customer Success team may help you hands on with this part.
  • Inspire Creativity: Identify areas for process improvement and efficiency gains, and scope new processes when needed. Be relentlessly curious, creative, and proactive in implementing solutions to critical issues. Seek cross-cutting improvements to systems to improve the team. Report them and help the company streamline processes while simplifying constantly, to ensure smooth operations processes.
  • Resource Management: Optimize resource allocation, including staff scheduling, to meet client demands and maintain service levels, and also profitability. Ultimately, Everest is a business.
  • Quality Assurance: Implement quality control measures to ensure consistent and exceptional service delivery. Conduct regular performance evaluations and provide constructive feedback to team members. Shadow, and random analyze tasks delivered to ensure you are on top of your account’s health.

Job Requirements

Leadership, Self-leadership, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Ability to work independently, Attention to Details, Ability to work well in a team, Adaptability, Stress Resilience.

Employee Benefits

Work remotely where you want and have the ability to transform your extra hours into hours off or additional holidays. Work with a team of top international talent from over 20 countries. Be an integrating part of a constellation of over 12 growing startups worldwide all operating under our Infinity umbrella company. Receive regular workshops, coaching and mentoring, to outgrow regularly your own skills and capacity, keeping work-life balance in the center of our company culture.
Be surrounded by an environment full of gritty, proactive internationals, all inspired by self-development and self-growth, that understand that growing united is a perhaps more powerful path towards growth and mutual success.

Compensation and Employment Details:

This is an independent Contractor role, meaning that you would work fully remotely and not employed at the company. We offer several Tiers that are based on your years of experience, tailored expertise and the sets of skills you offer. 50% of your compensation will be fixed, 40% of it is based on you achieving a series of goals that are measured by our system (making them 100% transparent, and reviewable daily). The final 10% is a bonus given quarterly, based on your overall performance, team work, proactivity, precision, punctuality and effort. This bonus is given at the discretion of the Director of Operations. The 50% variable part, is in the best interests of Everest, to train you, coach you and help you hands on, so you can most of the year, achieve 100% of your top potential salary. Our compensation models are designed so that if you would always hit 70 or 80% of your total possible maximum compensation, it should still be a highly competitive compensation tier.

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