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Job Overview

  • Job Title Product Design Manager, UX Paper Cuts
  • Hiring Organization GitLab
  • Company Website https://about.gitlab.com/
  • Remote Locations Worldwide
  • Job Type  Remote, Full-Time

An overview of the role

We’re looking for a Product Design Manager (PDM) to lead our UX Paper Cuts Team of 2 (soon to be 4) Product Designers. The UX Paper Cuts team is a small team responsible for identifying and fixing small, but impactful usability issues in the GitLab product. It’s more than just small changes that leave a big impact. As the team is closely connected with the Design System, the team can add new components or refine existing components and assist with component migrations to expand their coverage across the entire product.

The team’s priorities are pretty fluid and adapt to business priorities. They plan in themes for at least 2-3 milestones in advance. The themes target a particular area of the product to give a more meaningful and impactful feeling of change to our users. Because the designers work in Merge Requests (MR’s) and outside of stage group prioritization, they can move quickly to get changes out to users. It’s a highly autonomous team where the Designers are empowered to pick up any small changes they want to take on.

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About the team

The term “paper cut” refers to a small, seemingly insignificant problem that can cause annoyance or frustration for users. When considered as a collective, these problems can reduce the overall impression users have of the product.

The UX Paper Cuts team continuously improves the user experience by creating merge requests to address these small issues. By focusing on small details, the team helps create a more polished and user-friendly interface, leading to increased user satisfaction, engagement, and, ultimately, a more successful product.

Job Responsibilities

  • Lead, support and grow the Designers in your team.
  • Build a strong understanding of the end-to-end GitLab product
  • Help bridge the UX Paper Cuts team closely with the Foundations team (and partner on initiatives).
  • Continue the awareness generation across the company of the successes of the team.
  • Sense business priorities and align the team to them.

Job Requirements

  • Experience leading a group of Designers who work on complex products.
  • A clear philosophy about how to successfully hire and manage remote design teams.
  • Experience working in both start-up and enterprise environments.
  • Experience writing CSS/HTML and be comfortable working in git
  • Proficiency with pre-visualisation software like Figma or Sketch
  • Strong collaboration skills

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More Information

  • This job has expired!