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Job Overview:

  • Job Title: Product Manager and Designer
  • Hiring Organization: Zencare
  • Company Website: https://www.zencare.co/
  • Remote Locations: United States
  • Job Type: Remote, Full-Time
  • Remarks: High Paying

Zencare is a small, mission-driven team doing big things in the mental health world we are a marketplace that helps hundreds of thousands of folks find the right therapist for them.

Zencare started as a solution to a common problem: it’s really difficult to find a therapist online. Zencare streamlines the process and empowers therapy-seekers through up-to-date availability and insurance information, introductory videos, and a vetted network to ensure quality care and great therapist-client fit.

About the role

Zencare is looking for an experienced product manager and designer to join our Product team. To date, Zencare’s Founder/CEO has fulfilled these two functions of product management and design; now that our company has expanded nationally and the team has grown, we are looking for a full-time team member to take on these critical responsibilities!

In this role, you will play a blend of two roles: that of product manager and designer. While we are looking for someone who can fill both roles, the product management skills are more heavily weighted than design skills, and, for most of the time, will take up 60-75% of your work focus. We are looking for a very strong and experienced product manager, who can build good designs that are useful for engineers. The designs do not need to be perfect high fidelity, as long as the designer has a good eye for aesthetics that they can give feedback on the built features as needed.

As Product Manager, you will: craft product solutions that address strategic problems for other functions in the company; assess the team’s feature requests and bugs they’ve identified; coordinate with team leads to prioritize product requests; work closely with Zencare’s CEO to build quarterly and monthly product roadmaps; define biweekly sprints for engineers; develop product specifications; write clear tickets and maintain them in agile project management tools (we use Linear); ensure new features or fixes work in the context of other features and operational processes; QA tickets; collaborate daily with Zencare’s two full-stack engineers; create product guides for the team where relevant; oversee product deployments and cross-functional coordination needed for feature rollouts; and share updates with the full team through monthly presentations, Slack, and team standups.

As Product Designer, you will: think of different iterations of the user flows for tickets you create; develop low fidelity designs; gather feedback from engineers and any other teams involved in the feature request; create higher fidelity designs that consider UI and UX without over-perfecting them; and QA completed tickets from a design perspective. You may occasionally be asked for help or input on marketing design, such as email or splash page designs; however, your primary focus is on UI/UX product design, so any marketing work should be minimal.

Because this position is a unique blend of two functions, we are looking for someone who loves both product managing and designing, and who possesses both sets of skills (with more emphasis on PM). Combined, you will be the expert on all things product-related at Zencare!

This is a great opportunity to own product management and design end-to-end, and to flex your passions for planning, analytical problem-solving, team collaboration, and design creativity. You will be a highly valued member of a small, collaborative, and mission-driven Product Team, and work closely with company leadership to define and lead our exciting product roadmap!

Equal opportunity

Zencare is an equal opportunity employer. All aspects of employment including the decision to hire, promote, discipline, or discharge, are based on merit, competence, performance, and business needs. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, marital status, age, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, genetic information, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or military and veteran status.

We are committed to providing an inclusive environment of mutual respect where differences are celebrated and supported, and we strive to represent the diverse communities of therapists and therapy-seekers we serve.

Our Mission & Core Values

Zencare is a mission-driven organization. We turn to our mission and core values with every decision we make as a team and business.

Read about our mission and core values here.

What to expect in the interview process

The interview process for the Product Manager & Designer has five primary components:

  1. Initial call: We’ll ask about your interests, strengths, career goals, and how your past experiences have prepared you for this role. This round will be with Zencare’s CEO, Yuri, who currently fulfills the PM/PD role for the company.
  2. Technical Interview Round One (Product Manager): We’ll give you strategic product questions to work on for 1.5h and walk through together at the end.
  3. Technical Interview Round Two (Product Designer): We’ll give you a user flow and low fidelity design project to work on for 1.5h and walk through at the end. We’ll also ask you to share an example of UI/UX designs you created within the past 2 years and ask questions about the project and choices you made.
  4. Career rundown & competency questions: You’ll have the chance to meet with non-Product team members. We’ll ask more in-depth questions about your previous experiences and strengths, and we’ll answer any questions you have about the role, company, or team!
  5. Reference checks: We’ll ask to speak with current or former colleagues and supervisors who can speak to their experience working with you and how we can build an environment for you to thrive.

Why you’ll love Zencare and our team

  • Fast-paced product management and design work at a mission-driven company. If you thrive on working hard towards a shared mission together with an ambitious, collaborative, and supportive team that is committed to your professional development and self-improvement, this is the place for you.
  • Exciting work every day! Zencare is growing rapidly and constantly evolving. There is so much opportunity for our product roadmap, it’s a very exciting time to be a part of (and leading!) our Product Team. Lots of teamwork and collaborative problem solving with a highly competent team.
  • The opportunity to fundamentally change the mental health landscape and improve the search for a therapist. We’re passionate about increasing access to quality mental health care and our product drives that forward. We will continue rapidly expanding our reach and deepening ways in which we support therapy seekers and therapists, and you’ll be a critical part of that journey.

Job Requirements:

Product Management Skills

  • Strong strategic problem-solving and analytical skills: Creative problem solving is one of your greatest strengths. You excel at taking operational, marketing, and/or sales problems, analyzing current user behavior, and crafting a product solution that addresses it. You are also great at quickly identifying the causes of bugs where they aren’t caused by errors in code.
  • Stellar ability to retain product and cross-functional knowledge: As the lead coordinator between Product and the rest of the team, you are able to quickly build deep expertise all the ways the Zencare product interacts with and affects cross-functional systems for our Operations, Client Marketing, and Therapist Outreach (sales) teams.
  • Rockstar team player and cross-functional coordinator: You are an effective cross-functional team player from start to finish: understanding the team’s product requests, problem solving solutions together, and overseeing and owning product deployments.
  • Meticulous organization and planning skills: You enjoy setting long-term goals (quarterly product roadmaps) and working towards them through thoughtfully planned short-term goals (two-week sprints).
  • Excellent product QA abilities and attention to detail: As PM of a small Product team, you are responsible for everything we ship, including being the primary QA-er. You are skilled at thinking through the edge cases, identifying the easy-to-miss issues like typos and mobile responsiveness, and making sure all the features of a product work smoothly together overall. Engineers always conduct a first pass of developer QA, but it is a team effort to ensure all bugs are squashed!
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication: You have excellent written and verbal communication skills, which allow you to write clear and actionable tickets and communicate efficiently within and outside the product team.
  • Ruthless prioritization and flexibility in the face of changes: You love planning, but are also open-minded and flexible, able to shift priorities and timelines based on unexpected bugs and/or the team’s changing needs. You are able to quickly grasp what is deemed most important (e.g. bugs) to least (e.g. pixel-perfect design) at Zencare, and evaluate tickets in a way that prioritizes product development over perfection.
  • Confident decision maker and leader: You are a people-leader, confident in the plans you build, able to delegate the steps needed, and skilled at project managing across team members to reach the desired destination.
  • Mastery of agile project management tools: You have experience effectively working with engineers to set realistic timelines based on estimates. You write detailed tickets that are broken down into digestible tasks. You are comfortable working with a product management ticketing platform and open to using Linear.

Product Design (UI/UX) Skills

  • A natural eye for aesthetic design: You have a deep appreciation for aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly design. Your designs are intuitive and simple and you’re able to match your designs to Zencare brand guidelines.
  • Fluency with your UI/UX design platform of choice: Zencare doesn’t have a set design platform, so you are free to choose whichever you like best, whether that is Figma, InVision, Sketch, or something else!
  • Ability to quickly turnaround low through high fidelity designs: While we love good design, we never let perfection or over-analysis get in the way of rapid product development and iteration. You’re good at assessing when a design is good enough and move on.


  • Positive, respectful team player: You bring a can-do attitude and strong interpersonal skills. You want to succeed as a team and demonstrate a willingness to support team members. You’re respectful of everyone and have a deep appreciation for engineers, as well as other functions within the company.
  • Passion for Zencare’s mission: You are passionate about mental health and increasing access to quality care through Zencare’s therapy search platform.
  • Professional experience: 2-5 years of professional experience as a product manager and designer (does not have to have been concurrent in past roles).

Employee Benefits:

  • Compensation: $80K – $100K per year
  • Medical and dental insurance starting January 2023 (health insurance reimbursement of $350/mo through 2022)
  • 401k plan
  • Remote work from anywhere in the United States
  • Visa sponsorship is unfortunately not available at this time

How To Apply:

To apply, send a resumé and cover letter to jobs@zencare.co with subject line: “Application: Product Manager & Designer”

More Information

  • This job has expired!