(Remote Work) Senior Engineer, Ruby – Oyster

Job Overview

As an engineer in our team, you’ll be responsible for designing and delivering the technical solution of our deliveries. You’ll be designing technical solutions, writing code, tests, and troubleshooting issues. You’ll apply high standards of code quality and development best practices, such as TDD or continuous integration and secure code thinking.

You’ll play an important role in our delivery process. It will be important to understand the product goals and then provide technical input to specifications. You’ll participate in discussions on domain model design and coordinate with our Product team, as you’ll collaborate with lead developers on architecture and implementation planning.

Be a key part of our development team

We’re a young team, you’ll help shape our team’s process and help us make technical decisions to make us effective and a great place to work as a developer.

We also expect you to support developers by answering questions and offering support when needed or by pairing on complex problems.

And to advance technical excellence at Oyster by researching new tools and practices, taking initiative on technical improvements and refactorings, and moving best practices forward through pairing and discussions in the team.

Engineering at Oyster

At Oyster, we are on a mission to create a more equal world by making it possible for companies everywhere to hire people anywhere. The Engineering team is responsible for building up the platform, tooling, automation, and experience to help Oyster achieve this mission. Together with Product and Design, we partner closely with subject matter experts in Finance, Legal, Workplace, and more to build and refine our offerings to make a single product that is a pleasure to work with. We’re breaking new ground in the hiring market and have a wealth of interesting challenges to tackle!

We seek out and build up engineers and leaders who have strong software engineering fundamentals, value transparency, promote knowledge sharing, and thrive in a distributed, remote-first, and asynchronous working environment.

Our current technology stack includes Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, React, GraphQL, and we deploy to Heroku.

We have nearly 100 engineers partnered with our Product and Design teams to make up several agile product development teams focusing on improving and expanding several areas of our product,

Finally, we live and champion our company values.

  • We elevate talent: We hire our team (using our own product!) and continue to grow their abilities through mentorship, challenges that stretch and strengthen their skills, and giving them room to explore.
  • We build trust: We are transparent and promote an active flow of information throughout the team. We believe that people can do their best work when they feel supported, heard, and safe to challenge ideas to make the product, and team or company stronger. To do that we value egoless sharing of information, transparency throughout the company, actively promote knowledge sharing, and promote a safe environment to try and fail. Failures are not the end; they are moments to learn and grow!
  • We thrive together: By building upon our first two values, we promote teamwork and collaboration to come together a globally-minded, remote-first company that values collective wins over individual wins.

Job Responsibilities

As a Software Engineer at Oyster, you will play a pivotal role in designing, developing, and maintaining robust web applications that meet our clients’ needs. Here’s what your day-to-day will look like:

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand project requirements and deliver high-quality code.
  • Develop and maintain web applications using Ruby on Rails.
  • Participate in code reviews to maintain code quality and mentor junior developers.
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices to continuously improve our development processes.

Job Requirements

We’re on the hunt for a Software Engineer who possesses the following qualifications and qualities:

  • 6+ years of professional experience in software development, with a focus on Ruby.
  • Proven track record of developing and maintaining web applications using Ruby on Rails.
  • Proficiency in version control systems, particularly Git.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a collaborative, agile development environment.

You’ll also need…

  • A reliable home internet connection (or be able to get one)
  • Fluent English language skills

How To Apply

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More Information

Our Location: 200, Yuhyeon-ro, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea