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Job Description:

Content Equals Money is beefing up our writing team in expectation of big changes in 2019. We are currently hiring 3 full time writers between now and late Nov. These new hires will be brought in on the current system but if they are successful will be offered full time positions as employees (with various employee benefits) starting Jan 1st, 2019.

PLEASE only apply if you have 35+ hours available consistently. After probation, hired writers will be given 35+ hours a week of work as long as their performance stays consistent. We have more than a handful of lower performing writers that only get overflow work. We are looking for top performers that can work regularly and consistently. We are no longer allowing people to go part time after accepting a full time position. Only apply if you are looking for 35+ hours of work week after week, month after month!

All of our team members are 1099 contractors but we do provide a hybrid between a traditional employer/employee relationship and being an independent freelance writer. Note: Starting Jan 1st, 2019 all CEM writers will be full time employees, not 1099ers.


  • You are paid by the hour, not by the word. This means as you take time to research and build up your writing skills you are paid for your effort, not your output. Your hours are based on the honor system. We do not use any creepy keystroke tracking or webcam software. It is imperative that you are honest when billing your hours – some people under bill and then complain that they aren’t getting paid enough. If you bill honestly we can provide resources to help!!
  • You are paid to write pitches and other items you would never be paid to do as a freelancer. No more hours on end toiling away on proposals without any promise of business! Other than the timed writing test, you are paid for EVERYTHING you do for CEM!
  • Your projects are handed to you with specs and details. No more emailing clients back and forth, or getting on the phone, losing valuable time (and money!) with clients.
  • You are granted the ultimate amount of flexibility in your schedule. Work at 3am or 3pm, any day of the week. We are currently only hiring full time writers but encourage a “ramp up” period during probation. And of course nobody is guaranteed hours as a 1099 contractor. Assignments are provided based on performance (not seniority!), so the people who perform the best, get all the hours they want. Our writers break up in roughly two groups. The top half of our writers always get any amount of hours they want, the bottom half of our writers get hours when the top half are booked. We started the year incredibly busy and so everybody has been getting the hours they want but the bottom half of writers are the first to see gaps in their schedule when projects slow down.
  • You have instant access to a large pool of clients. We’ve done the heavy lifting gaining clientele all over the US and Canada. The vast majority of our projects are repeating week after week or month after month. You get to leverage the fact that we have been in business since 2010 and invest heavily in marketing!
  • You have instant access to our massive project management software. Providing you sample after sample of projects done for clients.
  • You are provided feedback on every single piece of content you write. Our editing and proofing team is a small knit group of people committed to your excellence.

Our clientele is mostly SEO and internet marketing firms, we provide all the needed content for them and their end clients. We’ve been trusted with thousands and thousands of end client projects.

Here are some of the things we look for when interviewing candidates:

  • Someone who’s never been paid to write before, but writes on their own.
  • Someone who enjoys reading (believe me…this is a HUGE indicator of a naturally skilled writer)
  • Someone with a passion for poetry or other writing formats
  • Someone with the same type of values that CEM has: loyalty, kindness, generosity, self sufficiency, thoughtfulness and a hard worker.
  • Someone that wants to truly grow their marketability as a web based writer. It used to be that people stayed with CEM around 9 months before moving onto their own freelance business. Our writers are staying on our team longer, many for 2 or more years. We love helping people grow their side business!

Here’s how the onboarding process works at CEM:

You will fill out the application on our site. Our team will receive your application and if we think you’ll be a good fit we will send an approval email. NOTE: You will automatically get an email from our website as soon as you submit an application. This is information you need to save for future reference if your application is approved – it is not the approval email. If you get an approval (2nd) email from our team, you will be asked to schedule the timed writing test. If you score above the threshold for probation (90%) you will be asked to start probation. You may or may not be required to complete a phone call with our Founder, Amie Marse, to verify that you are a US based writer.

Repetitive special note: after your initial application you will receive an automated message from our site. This is not the approval or access to the test. We do not want people wasting their precious time taking a timed writing test unless we approve their application. If and when your application is approved you will receive a custom message from Amie.

After all the paperwork is complete, probation begins. Probation is a two week period where you are paid $10 an hour to get up to speed with our protocols and projects. You will be given a variety of projects and extensive feedback. You’ll be trained on our varied software and generally you will get to know how stuff works here at CEM. This period is all about you figuring out if CEM is a good fit for you!

At the end of your probation you will receive a detailed report of your performance and if appropriate, will be offered a position with CEM. The position will take into account things like your responsiveness to emails, your ability to efficiently research, what type of schedule you would like to sign up for, etc. There is zero obligation to accept the position as it is offered to you.

2018 Base Rates:

Probation writers – $10/hr

Consistent availability of 35+ hours a week – $15/hr

*These are base rates, individual writers will negotiate their true rate based on performance.

Availability are the hours you are ready and able to take work. For individuals that claim “availability” and then are unresponsive, your base rate will change to your actual availability. Availability does not guarantee any amount of work. Projects are assigned and schedule changes are due no later than 9am EST on any calendar day, for that day. That way you are never tied to your computer waiting for a project, once you are done with your work for the day, you can be confident nothing new is coming in until the next day.

How To Apply:

Apply using the link in Custom Application URL

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