What Is a Remote Job?

Remote jobs, remote work, telecommuting jobs, virtual jobs, home based jobs and so on.

The terms of as such are getting more frequent for us to hear these days in our everyday life. Especially, since the new millennium along with the dramatic development of World Wide Web and the internet technology, we’ve spotted more often so-called telecommuting type of jobs from many of employment marketplaces or communities.

Many,, Perhaps a big portion of job seekers or employees who’ve been working in the traditional types of employment would ever dream of working in a remote job, frequently called “jobs of the 21st Century”. Many are seeking for such types of jobs recently in pursuit of “Freedom” , “Work-Life Balance” , “Flexibility in their routine” and perhaps many more personalized reasons to work more flexibly with a remote job or telecommuting position.

So What Is a Remote Job?

As what sounds like from the previous context, simply put, remote jobs AKA, telecommuting jobs, virtual jobs or home based jobs, are a kind of jobs that are conducted remotely, away from an office or a certain designated workplace.

It’s usually flexible with no work time frames set, and can be done anywhere one can perform the job as much as required, such as in the comfort of the home office, the kitchen table, a coffee shop, or friend’s house, even or on the white sand under palm trees.

It might vary, but all you need to perform a remote job is the internet connection and a single laptop for the most of work situations. Thus remote job is drawing lots of attention these days, perceived as the major employment type of the future with its upsides: mobility, flexibility, higher productivity which are required attributes for the future working environment.

The Major Industries In High Demands of Remote Workers

While the demands of remote workforce is across the most of the modern industries, certainly there’re several industries that are more remote-working environment friendly. The opportunities to land a satisfying remote job get oftener if you are involved or an expert in those industries,

Such As:
  • Computer & IT – Web Developer, Programmer, System Administrator, Data Engineer, Security Analyst, DevOps etc.
  • Customer Service – Home based Call Center Agent, Customer Care Representative, Online Live-Chat Staff, Customer Success Manager etc.
  • Writing & Editing – Freelance Writer, Blogger, Content Writer, Copywriter, SEO writer, Online Editor, Newsletter Writer etc.
  • Design – Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Patent Drawings, Illustration, 3d Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Mould Design (Autocad, Catia)
  • Medical & Health – Virtual Health-Care Manager, Pharmacy Technician, Clinical Application Consultant, Physician Clinical Reviewer, Clinical Research Associate, Care Coordinate etc.
  • Tourism – Online Travel Agent, Travel Itinerary Planner, Reservation Agent, Ticketing Agent, Travel Consultant, Luxury Travel Agent etc.
  • Business Development – Remote Business Development Representative, Virtual Project Manager and any Development Manager jobs in variety of industries.
  • Online Education & Tutorial – Online Language Tutor and any types of online teaching/tutorial/coaching jobs in numerous industries.
  • Accounting & Finance – Remote Bookkeeper, Virtual Audit Manager, Tax Adviser (CPA), Remote Finance Assistant and other work-from-home accounting jobs
  • Sales & Marketing – Online Sales Representative, Digital Marketer, Social Media Ad/Marketing Manager, Remote Sales Engineer etc.

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The Future Employment Type in the 21st Century

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The number of remote jobs is getting on the rapid rise in the employment market, along with today’s technology. The rate of growth is truly unbelievable, as of last year 2017, 3.9 million U.S. employees worked in a remote manner at least half of the working time which is a 115% increase from the 1.8 million in 2005. Furthermore, it’s expected that the growth rate of remote work industry would even get much faster year by year, decade by decade as the future mainstream employment type.

According to UpWork’s Future Workforce Report, 1,000 of U.S recruiting managers surveyed under the subject: “Rapid Pace of Workforce Change”, expected up to 38% of their in-house full-time positions would switch to remote positions in the next decade.

As CNBC News, 70% of professionals in the globe work remotely at least once a week, 53% of them work remotely at least half of the week according to a study of IWG plc, a multinational workplace provider.

Considering the statistics, no many would deny the facts that remote jobs are becoming a “New Normal” in the recent years and the needs of remote workers would be constantly keeping on a sharp rise for the next few decades. (Although the future is uncharted and no ones know what exactly happens!)


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