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ANNOUNCEMENT: (Mar 31 2022)

We are currently accepting free publication for the 2 topics listed below:
Complete Guide To Land A Legitimate Data Entry Job
What May Working In The Metaverse Be Like In The Next 20 Years?
The most outstanding quality among submissions will be picked out for the free posting on our site. Make sure it’s well-researched and at least 2,000 words in its content length.

Submit an article and enjoy the SEO impact and our highly niche-focused traffic back to your site!

SmartWorkersHome, a global remote job search platform, is currently on the outlook for guest bloggers, sponsored post advertisers who seek an opportunity to achieve content exposure, traffic, leads from our site by contributing awesome content for our readership.

Our readership is made up of enthusiastic remote job seekers, work from home freelancers, and employers looking for remote specialists in a variety of job fields. We have over 10k page views gained internationally, but mostly from the United States, South Africa, and the Philippines – of which comes organically from direct traffic (direct URL access), social media, and organic search engines.

The topics we’d love to accept are anything that pleases our remote-work focused niche audience, as in, employment, freelance, remote job seeking, reviews of remote companies, self-improvement/career improvement, growth of remote job industry, success stories, and anything related to telecommuting employment or home-based work would be great.

Guideline – Content Contribution & Sponsored Posts

Accepted Topics

As mentioned above, if the topic you can pitch us is broadly about remote employment or home-based freelancing, and most of the time, your article submitted to us will be loved if related to some of our board topic scope.

But just to make it clearer, we are highly encouraging you that the topic you’re writing is related to at least one of the topics broken down below:

Write For Us on Remote Work & Telecommuting:

  • Remote work, home-based jobs, telecommuting work
  • Experience of working in a remote position
  • The success story of achieving a remote position
  • Personal storytelling about working remotely
  • Lifestyle being a remote worker or freelancer
  • Love and pain working remotely
  • Any topic related to it!

Write For Us on Freelancing:

  • Freelancing & being a freelancer
  • Gig economy
  • Freelance marketplaces
  • Tips & hacks to become a successful freelancer
  • And more about it!

Write For Us on Work From Home & Make Money Online:

  • Work from home
  • Make money online (in legitimate ways)
  • Online business
  • Solopreneurship
  • Anything related to it!

Write For Us on Career Development:

  • Career development as a remote specialist/freelancer
  • Career advice
  • Self-improvement guide for remote job seekers, or freelancers
  • Development of a skill set
  • Any related topics!

Write For Us on Landing a Remote Job:

  • Job Hunting
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Skills, Tips & Tricks
  • Strategies, Tips, Guides on Grabbing a Remote Job Opportunity Successfully
  • Job boards reviews that help remote teams, remote workers, or freelancers
  • And more!

Write For Us on Recruiting & Employment (Remote):

  • Remote Human Resources
  • Remote Employment
  • Job Interview
  • Managing a remote workforce
  • Outsourcing
  • Anything related to recruiting or employment (Remote work centric)!

Write For Us on Remote Business:

  • Industry News
  • Remote Job Market
  • Business Trends
  • Some Business Topics — Small Businesses, Startups, Productivity, Finance, etc.
  • Reviews of Telecommuting Companies
  • More business-related subjects!

Write For Us on Tech (Tech for remote companies and remote workers):

  • Technology/gadgets/devices that remote teams or telecommuting specialists can capitalize on
  • Websites, software, online tools, mobile apps that help remote job seekers or remote teams
  • Productivity software, apps, tools for remote job seekers or remote teams
  • Any technology that fosters the culture of remote work!

Pitch Your Ideas even if Not Listed Above, We’re Open to Hear and Consider Positively!

Quality Check

Generally, we would love your pitch though; we won’t publish content far below our standards to the least extent we regard. Don’t be afraid, we don’t really desire much; we will just love it as long as it meets the basic conditions like:

  • Word Count: At least 1,000 – 1,500+ words per article (although we will mostly be excited with one over 2,000 words well written under a terrific topic though)
  • Unique Content: Plagiarism-free content. We will love your original content written by yourself, not copied from anywhere else online.
  • Imagery: At least 2 images must be included: One for the featured image, another to be placed somewhere in the body. Custom images are most welcome, but not mandatory — free stock photos can do good, however, please make sure it’s copyright-free.
  • Juicy Content: Ensure that your writing is crisp and engaging, and each paragraph/sentence can suggest a clear idea of the topic you’re talking about (Make sure it makes sense). We wouldn’t fancy one even if it’s a 3,000-word long article if it’s just rambling all around.
  • Content SEO: An article SEO-optimized at a neutral level will boost the likelihood of accepting your content. In fact, I do **never** mean keyword stuffing or any excessive craze and make the article super stiff artificial crap of SEO perfection, rather I mean it’s just it — natural human readers friendly and a natural flow of context with the basic on-page SEO ensured (H1/H2, keyword density between 0.5% – 2%, use of imagery, clear paragraph formatting, and easy readability, etc). Let’s be clear; I just want an article that satisfies both: search crawlers(bots) but also “humans”
  • Relevance: The topic you wrote must be related to the accepted range of our scope – Check out the paragraph above “Accepted Topics” for better reference.
  • Last But Not Least: We do not accept spam content that is written solely for building links. The content itself is well-written, well-researched, well-organized, and most IMPORTANTLY, it must be human reader engaging that can actually address the problems the audience has.

Our Traffic — Write For Us and Capitalize On The Targetted Eyeballs

Update 2022 – SmartWorkersHome Monthly Traffic

Monthly traffic stats of SmartWorkersHome.com: October 17 – November 16 2022
SmartWorkersHome One Month Traffic Stats 2022
UPDATE: Feb 14 2022 – Mar 15 2022 One Month Traffic Stats
UPDATE: Daily Traffic for 7 Days – March 22 2022 to March 28 2022

If you write for us SmartWorkersHome.com , a thriving global remote job search platform, can benefit you in many aspects such as your SEO improvement, web traffic, leads, purchases/sales, and spreading your brand awareness to our global readership; No wonder the more related topics to submit, the higher benefits you will achieve from us since relevancy yields good conversions.

Geolocation distribution of SmartWorkersHome Traffic Sources. Write For us and Promote Your Content From Our Site!

We have traffic mainly from the United States and the Philippines and as great traffic sources for us, our widespread social channels feed us with quality traffic every single day; we are proud of our highly niche-focused audience that is enormously enthusiastic about remote work, freelancing, and its landscape.

It’s all given to you if you write for us, so make use of us!!

I don’t deny the truth that from time to time, the primary purpose of guest posting comes with the need for link building.

No, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that we’re against link building marketers or SEOs. However, I want to clarify the fact that we don’t actually mind the purpose of your guest posting. Yet, what actually matters to us is the quality of the content itself. That’s just all.

Definitely, it’s safe to think your content will be published on our site as long as the content you made is helpful and meaningful for our readers. Plus up to 2 do-follow links are allowed if the links are relevant and not built in a spammy way (the landing page, anchor text etc).

We offer advertisers and business owners an opportunity for publishing sponsored posts in our community. We require a small amount of fee ($20) for processing; as in, our fees are just within an affordable range, compared to other publishers at the same conditions.

Hit us up at editor(AT)smartworkershome(DOT)com and feel free to talk!

How To Submit Your Article

We will be more than happy if you contribute your well-written article for us. If you come up with a good idea of the content topic, pitch us with a brief outline of what you will write about, first of all. (e.g. content topic, title, a brief explanation about the topic you write)

If you’re accepted, we will shortly get back to you with a request for sending out the full version. The process should be done within a couple of days, so don’t worry about a long wait; everything will run promptly.

Want to publish your content on SmartWorkersHome.com?
Drop us an email to editor(AT)smartworkershome(DOT)com

Take Note – Our Publishing Rules

We have our publishing rules that apply to all the content submissions and sponsored posts submitted to SmartWorkersHome.com. Please read up carefully on the lines below describing all the rules that must be complied with.

  • Freedom of Rejection: If an article doesn’t meet our quality standards of publishing, we have the right to reject the submission. (Check out our requirements described in the subheading “Quality Check“)
  • Due Date (Payment): Normally 3 days are given to clear the bill sent out right after the sponsored article has been published. An unpaid bill without prior notice/consent shall trigger deletion of the content or removal of partial elements within the content, such as links previously placed or text of brand/business cited.
  • Content Ownership: The entire content ownership shall automatically transfer to SmartWorkersHome.com once the content has been published on our site.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don't exceed max 2 working days once an article is submitted to us. However, it's usually done in a day. (Mon - Fri)

It would be easy to figure out what topics are welcome on our site when you think about what audience we mainly serve -- we are a remote job search platform serving remote job seekers/freelancers and remote businesses as employers worldwide.

But we don't only focus on the remote job or freelance topics, but also we take our topic coverage largely into the business or technology or any other areas that may overlap the interest of our remote-focused audience. For example, if these topics were submitted to us, we could consider them to be published: "How will technology change the workplace in the future?" or "10 Digital Marketing Strategies for the New Remote Workplace" and so on. it's anyhow a hybrid topic under which you can write "anything", but primarily written for the remote work or freelance related audience. That's it.

Normally, we have 7k - 10k monthly visitors from the US, South Africa, The Philippines and the rest of the world.

More than half of the traffic that we currently (2022) attract is from Direct Traffic (signed-up users & direct access by URL typing) since we are a brand that has been around for 4 - 5 years so far. (So quite some people know of SmartWorkersHome as a remote job search site)

We also have our Facebook groups that we run on our own (About 7k users: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261911181384412) and other social channels on LinkedIn, Pinterest which are good sources of traffic for us.

We have, currently, about 20% - 30% traffic share from Google, which is about 2,500 monthly visitors from the organic search engine. Some marketers check our traffic from their traffic tools that overly underestimate our actual traffic level and argue that we have just a few hundred visitors a month; Nope, that is far wrong. What the traffic tools (SemRush/Ahrefs etc) do is just to guess what might be a rough estimation of a website's traffic from some very vague and ambiguous clues of the site's SERPs and estimated CTR on the search (which is not also 100% accurate on their side); there is no way for them to see the traffic hits from direct traffic, social media and email newsletters traffic at all.

If anyone doubts and wants to be extraordinarily clear, we can invite you to our Google Analytics board as a guest user to see and check everything about our traffic. There is no doubt that way since Google Analytics counts traffic directly from the server (with the internal tracking code) while other 3rd party traffic tools just guess.

Currently, we accept sponsored posts primarily with very limited opportunities for free publication. When it comes to a sponsored post, we lowered the quality standards for being posted within our website. Check out the quick overview below:

1. Word Count: 1,000 -1,500+
2. Links: 1 - 2
3. Image: Not mandatory. We take care of all the imagery jobs for sponsored posts
4. Topic: As per described somewhere above on this page
5. Writing Quality: That is written decently and makes clear sense of what you talk about to readers. Neatly formatted paragraph structure. (Check out in detail our quality standards somewhere above on this page)

At the time of writing (April 2022), we only accept sponsored posts with really few free-publishing opportunities of a tiny small selective topic range. So it's safe to think 99% of submissions will be for sponsored posting.

We offer an outstandingly affordable price for a sponsored post: $20 per post including all your benefits -- referral links (backlinks), our social promotion, newsletter promotion to the published post.

Want to publish your content on SmartWorkersHome.com
Drop us an email to editor(AT)smartworkershome(DOT)com

How to Find Guest Post Opportunities

These Google queries are helpful for you to find places that accept article submissions in any niche of what you target – Simply change the niche keyword before “Write for us”.

Remote work intitle:”Write for us”
Employment intile:”Write for us”
Freelancing intitle:”Write for us”
Telecommuting work intile:”Write for us”
Resume writing intitle:”Write for us”
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Remote work intitle:”Become a contributor”
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Telecommuting work intitle:”Submit an article”
Resume Writing intitle:”Become an author”
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Remote business intitle:”Write for us”
Recruiting intile:”Article submission”

Write for us + work from home
Write for us + freelance
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Write for us + work from home
Write for us + make money online
Write for us + remote business
Write for us + remote jobs
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