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Yes, absolutely. We keep all the features we offer completely free of charge. It also includes the employer members posting a remote job opening. They are free to post their jobs for free besides job-seeking members can enjoy 100% free access and job applications to all the jobs showcased in Smart Workers Home.

It's up to you! 🙂 In fact, you don't need to sign up or log in if you are a job-seeking member. You can fully access any feature that is needed to view jobs and apply for them without logging in. But you will be limited to some functions like posting your resume etc.

But, if you are an employer member and want to post your job ad, you will be required to sign up and log in to carry on.

Yes, all the jobs we feature at Smart Workers Home are 100% remote positions. In other words, they are jobs that let you work from home without commuting to the office or driving through a traffic jam.

Definitely! We strictly preview and double-check all the new remote openings before we publish them. We don't cope with bogus online jobs or skeptical sources, however, we only work with verified companies that are legally registered and have a solid business presence. (P.S. you will easily find jobs offered by high-profile corporations on our site. For example, Monday.com, AirBnB, MailChimp, etc.)

Furthermore, the majority of jobs we feature here are linked to the hiring page of the official website of each business. That way, we help you directly apply for a job at the company you wish to work for.

The job offers we post on Smart Workers Home generally fall under 4 different types:

  • Remote full-time jobs
  • Remote part-time jobs
  • Remote Contract (Either short/long-term Freelance)
  • Independent Contractor (Flexible schedule)

In general, it's safe to think most of our jobs posted here are full-time remote positions which are over 70%. And the rest are part-time, contacts, independent contractors combined.

Yes, absolutely. Informing international remote jobs that are available for any region in the world is our prioritized focus when we publish remote openings.

It's safe to think about 60% - 70% of the jobs we feature on Smart Workers Home are worldwide remote jobs that anybody from the world can apply for and get hired to work remotely from your country.

In addition, we have many remote jobs specifically available for Asia, Latin America, and Africa as well as for the US, Canada, and European region.