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Job Description:

Bitovi is looking to hire for a Director level role focused on AngularJS application consulting.
Specifically, we are looking for an experienced and established Angular developer.  The ideal candidate is an Angular expert and has a keen interest along with the right skill set to successfully help lead, build, and grow the AngularJS application consulting business segment at Bitovi.
Bitovi is a leader in web application design and development, along with front end open source technologies, creating and evangelizing frameworks such as CanJS, StealJS, and DoneJS.   We partner with our clients to design and build applications.
This lead role will be responsible for all activities related to Angular application consulting within Bitovi.  Overall this includes but is not limited to the development, implementation, growth, management, and oversight of the Angular business unit as a functional part of Bitovi.

Job Responsibilities:

This role will require a combination of leadership, mentoring, and hands-on development and architecture.
Responsibilities include:
  • Strategy and vision – helping define and communicate vision and strategy for the Angular business segment, while ensuring it aligns with Bitovi’s overall vision and goals
  • Employee support and development – helping lead, train, mentor, and manage team members, and be an integral part of a team.
  • Bringing in new business – marketing, evangelism, and relationship building to identify and secure new opportunities by promoting our portfolio, people, skills, and open source work
  • Project Management and execution – making sure projects are successful and clients are thrilled with our work, this includes oversight, advising, and execution related to project architecture and development.
  • Open source development – helping Bitovi to make a valuable contribution to the Angular OS community and evangelize this effort
  • Business success – participation in the financial forecasting and review process, as well as helping define revenue goals, and ensure overall success for our client projects.

Job Requirements:

An Angular expert with several years of industry experience developing complex, AngularJS applications.  We’re looking for someone with the relevant technical experience as well as the non-technical skills, business mindset and motivation needed to succeed in a leadership role like this.  Specifically:
  • Highly technical – Has completed multiple substantial projects using Angular and its ecosystem of tools. Knows Angular and Angular applications inside and out. Able to teach others to build apps in the best way possible and help guide client projects to success
  • Motivated – enthusiastic about the challenges and growth potential, driven to build a business and find new opportunities for projects
  • Has open source experience – has made Open Source contributions, preferably in the Angular ecosystem
  • Active community participant – has experience with organizing meetups or conferences and speaking on technical topics, preferably related to Angular
  • Mentor – interested in training, developing and coaching others
  • A bit of entrepreneurial spirit – Some consulting or startup experience would be highly desirable.  Must be willing to network, build relationships, and promote Bitovi’s expertise and services to develop a pipeline of new clients
  • Ability to fulfill multiple roles  – Willingness to be involved in the day to day consulting and development work as well as driving the overall strategic direction for the Angular business segment, finding new clients, and leading a team.
  • Business mindset – can set realistic business goals


We view this as a partnership.  You will have the support, backing, and resources of an already established and successful consulting company at your disposal.  You’ll share your expertise to help shape a growing part of our business.  We have a team of around 30 highly talented frontend developers and UX designers, and are looking for an Angular expert to lead our expansion into the Angular world confidently. We’ve been working on Angular projects for over year and want to further grow our business in this area.  Our team will work with you closely to ensure synergies across business activities and provide support as needed.
Due to the high level of responsibility, we’re planning a compensation package that includes a base salary, plus an attractive bonus structure that will proportionally share the rewards based on success of the Angular consulting business. We want you to have plenty of incentive to grow our expertise and reputation in the Angular community!
  • Bi-annual company retreats (previously in Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Amelia Island)
  • 401(k) plan with matching
  • 4 weeks paid vacation
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Gym membership reimbursement
  • Maternity/paternity leave
  • Work from home

How To Apply:

 Apply using the link in Custom Application URL

Write a resume and a thoughtful cover letter that shows us that you’re the kind of person who would be a great fit for this role. – Focus on your past work and experience, noting relevant experience specific to Angular – Share or point us to some recent work (or your github account) – Fill us in on conferences, meetups, trainings, and other events you’ve been a part of as a speaker or behind the scenes – Include any specific salary requirements or other conditions

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