Nurse Writer (Remote) – Lecturio

Job Expired

Nurse Writer (Remote)

Work Remotely from anywhere
Native US English Skills Required


Job Overview:

Company facts

  • Founded: July 2008
  • Headquarter: Leipzig, Germany
  • International locations: USA, Bulgaria
  • 100+ employees worldwide
  • Advanced all-in-one study platform for medical students

What you can expect

  • Compensation by question or per hour.
  • Flexible working hours.
Job Responsibilities:
  • Create higher level questions (Bloom’s Taxonomy) for end of course exams according to our guidelines.
  • Create lower level recall questions (Bloom’s Taxonomy) for educational videos.
Job Requirements:
  • You are a Registered Nurse (RN).
  • You have native US English language skills.
How To Apply:

Please send all documents in one PDF file to jobs(at)

  • Compelling cover letter
  • References
  • Certificates/credentials
  • CV

Application process

  • Acknowledgment of receipt
  • Telephone interview if applicable
  • Personal interview
  • Prompt feedback

More Information

  • This job has expired!