(Remote Work) Customer Support Associate – Clipboard Health

Job Overview

  • Job Title Customer Support Associate
  • Hiring Organization Clipboard Health
  • Company Website https://www.clipboardhealth.com/
  • Remote Locations Worldwide
  • Job Type  Remote, Full-Time

Our Customer Support Associates on the Worker Operations Team play a vital role in upholding safety and reliability for both sides of our marketplace. The ideal candidate will be able to balance risk mitigation and deliver exceptional customer experiences masterfully. They repeatedly ask “why” until they reach the root cause of issues and go the extra mile to solve our customer’s problems. Curiosity, empathy, and strong communication skills are essential.

Note: Though this position is fully remote, we are currently not recruiting for this role in the USA or Canada.

Job Responsibilities

  • Investigate attendance and quality incidents across our marketplace; use exceptional judgment and noticing to solve our customers’ problems
  • Communicate the resolution of your investigations to workers and workplaces with empathetic, customer-centered communication; justify the reasoning behind your decisions to diverse stakeholders within the company
  • Work efficiently and effectively to ensure customer inquiries are resolved fully and in a timely manner
  • Develop reliability initiatives to improve the overall quality of the marketplace and experience for our customers; establish policy improvements to accomplish this goal
  • Work within cross-functional collaborations with customer support, general operations, product, customer success, and legal teams
  • Manage and maintain communication on multiple platforms to effectively solve issues for Clipboard Health’s partner facilities and professionals
  • Remain knowledgeable on product updates to ensure you are acting with the most up-to-date organizational information

Job Requirements

  • +2 years of customer support experience
  • +2 years of Zendesk or any CRM experience
  • Ability to resolve customer issues with empathy and action
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work as part of multidisciplinary teams
  • Comfortable handling ambiguous situations and adaptable to constant change
  • Possess an “I can handle anything” mentality
  • Demonstrate a high degree of motivation, self-direction, and initiative to achieve the goals of the team and organization
  • Exceptionally detail-oriented
  • Ethical and unbiased integrity and decision-making abilities
  • A positive mindset that elevates the entire team

System Requirements

  • Minimum 15Mbps wired internet connection
  • Minimum i5 processor or equivalent
  • Minimum 12GB Ram
  • Quiet working environment
  • Steady power and internet connection.

How To Apply

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