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(Remote Work) Data Engineer

International Remote Locations: North America (US/Canada) , Throughout Europe


Job Overview:

We’re looking to hire our first data engineer to lay the foundation for all aspects of Mixmax’s data infrastructure from end to end. You’ll be a key communicator, working both cross-functionally in our San Francisco office and across our distributed organization.

As a data engineer, you’ll help start a team specifically focused on ensuring the company runs on accurate and repeatable data. This means being a member of a team that values continuous and collective learning, culture over process, data-driven development and always asking tons of questions. We actively blog about our work, contribute to open source, sponsor Open Collectives, and host/present at meetups – we actively encourage you to do the same and under your own name.
Job Responsibilities:
  • Design, build, and support data-centric services including but not limited to event streaming, ETL pipelines, distributed data storage, and real-time data processing.
  • Work on high impact projects that optimize data availability and quality, and provide reliable access to data across the company.
  • Collaborate with partner teams to understand their business contexts and analytical challenges, and to transform and sprinkle data-driven fairy dust on their products.
  • Develop machine-learning software using analytical data models that can generalize across Mixmax customers, but can automatically adapt to each of their individual features.
  • Communicate strategies and processes around data modeling and architecture to multi-functional groups.
  • Work with fellow engineers to build out other parts of the data infrastructure, effectively communicating your needs and understanding theirs.
Job Requirements:
  • Exceptional coding and design skills, particularly in Java/Scala or Python.
  • Extensive previous experience of working with large data volumes, including processing, transforming and transporting large-scale datasets for analytics and business purposes.
  • Extensive experience data warehousing and ETL pipelines.
  • Great communication and collaboration skills.
Bonus points:
  • Previous experience with AWS like EC2, RDS, S3, Redshift, SNS, SQS, etc.
  • Previous experience with high volume heterogeneous data, preferably with distributed systems such as Hadoop, BigTable, and Cassandra
  • Previous experience building out high volume, distributed event systems (such as working w/ Kafka or similar)
Bonus points ++:
  • Experience using terraform or other infrastructure as code
  • Contributor to open source technologies
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