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Job Overview

The Workforce Manager lives in the Customer Operations Workforce Management team and is responsible for forecasting volumes in assigned customer queues, creating schedules based on those forecasts, plotting agents into those schedules, onboarding and off boarding of agents from tools such as Zendesk and Five9, managing access to CBH tools and systems, overseeing time off tracking and attendance adherence, and performing analysis whenever service level agreements are not being met. You are detail-oriented, comfortable with math and data, and exhibit initiative and curiosity.

This is a fully remote position. We operate 24/7 and work on a rotating roster. You may be assigned to any LOB within the Customer Operations organization, and are expected to work the schedule most required by that LOB. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Forecasting volumes and revising forecasts when reality does not meet expectations
  • Ensuring that all agents are scheduled properly and that the schedules are being adhered to, including the management of breaks and trainings
  • Closely monitoring support queues for any volume buildups and taking action to address any Service Level Agreement slippage
  • Providing clear root cause analysis of any dips to our response and resolution times
  • Onboarding new agents into CBH systems in a timely manner
  • Off-boarding former agents from CBH systems in a timely manner
  • Tracking seat / license usage in various tools to ensure we are staying within budget
  • Monitoring attendance and the PTO system to ensure that we are not falling below required headcount in any given hour
  • Overseeing holiday schedule management
  • Providing information to operational leaders on agent productivity and adherence

Your First Days

30 Days

You become an expert in navigating CBH’s systems and tools, can comfortably generate reports in Metabase, Google Sheets, and Zendesk, and provide analysis on a recent SLA slippage. By the end of 30 days, you have produced a plan for managing PTO and developed a forecast that withstands scrutiny, with an accompanying agent schedule.

60 Days

You are onboarding and off boarding agents regularly and without error, providing reports on attendance adherence and PTO, and helping place new agents into the schedule. When response times start to slip, you notice quickly and immediately provide root cause analysis and a recommendation for action.

Job Requirements

  • Math: you are exceptionally good at it and comfortable navigating messy data. This includes being very good at Excel
  • Attention to detail: you cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s, making sure nothing is overlooked
  • Experience: You have created schedules and forecasts before and have strong mental models for how a workforce should be managed

System Requirements (Equipment not provided – NO CHROMEBOOKS, NO LINUX OS) 

  • Minimum 15Mbps internet connection
  • Minimum i5 processor or equivalent
  • Minimum 12GB Ram
  • Quiet working environment
  • Steady power and internet connection

How To Apply

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More Information

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