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Job Overview

  • Job Title Talent Manager
  • Hiring Organization Float
  • Company Website https://www.float.com/
  • Remote Locations Worldwide
  • Job Type  Remote, Full-Time

Float is the worlds leading software for teams to plan their time. Founded in 2012, we are a proud, independent, and self-funded company that has grown every year. Our mission is to help every organization plan their work time better.

We operate 100% remotely, embodying our dedication to a Best Work Life experience. We are on a mission to scale our impact globally. Were a team of 50 working 100% remotely, and youll be partnering with team members based globally, including Australia, Mexico, Italy, Nigeria, Canada, and the USA. Were on a scale-up journey, and were seeking people who thrive in this stage, given the autonomy and the opportunity to do the best work of their career.

Hear what our team has to say by browsingour blog, or reading ourGlassdoor reviews. Check out what our customers think of Floatfrom our G2 reviews.

Why Were Hiring For This Role

As the Talent Manager, you will own the full lifecycle of hiring at Float. This role is crucial in ensuring that we uphold Floats commitment to excellence through every stage of the hiring and onboarding process. With a focus on setting high standards for candidate experiences and internal workflows, this role is not just about filling positions but about enhancing Floats capacity to build strategically aligned teams.

The Talent Manager plays a critical role in Float’s strategic growth. This includes refining job requisitions, developing job descriptions, strategizing on hiring, and working closely with hiring managers to forecast and fulfill hiring needs.

Additionally, in partnership with our Team Experience Manager Amber, the Talent Manager will support our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging strategy through mindful hiring practices. This commitment extends to leading initiatives such as the Best Work Life blog and newsletter, sharing our culture and passion for remote work, and further establishing Float as a leader and advocate for a supportive and inclusive remote work environment.

Beyond hiring, the Talent Manager will collaborate and consult on significant projects like our annual team meetup, engagement surveys, and career framework, contributing to team cohesion and Float’s culture. Experience with and understanding of US labor laws will be helpful here. This responsibility underscores our commitment to maintaining high standards, respecting and treating our team with kindness, and ensuring adherence to labor laws, which is crucial for our long-term growth and ethical standing in the market.

Ultimately, the Talent Manager’s role is to attract and hire high-density talent, significantly impacting Floats culture, team experience, and market position. By ensuring that each new hire is aligned with Floats values and mission, the Talent Manager will play a fundamental role in sustaining Floats trajectory towards becoming the worlds leading software for planning team time, embodying our values of continuous improvement and respect for one another’s time.

Youll be working asynchronously with a bright, dedicated team from across the globe, with a strong focus on taking complex problems and creating solutions that feel simple and intuitive for our customers.

Hiring Process For This Role

You’ll find a lot of useful information about our interview process and what its like to join our global team on the Float careers page. The hiring process for this role looks like this:

  • Initial First Meet (15 min):You’ll meet with Linda, Talent Manager, to discuss your interest in the role and review your questions about working at Float.
  • Manager Interview (45 min): Youll meet with Amber or Georgie to discuss the role in more detail and help answer questions.
  • Co-Worker Interview (30 min):Youll meet with Sarah, members of our Operations Team, to dive deeper into your skills and experience.
  • Founder Interview (30 min): Youll meet with Glenn, Floats CEO, to get to know you and see if you have potential to be a great addition to the team.

Note: Industry research shows that women and those in traditionally underrepresented groups generally dont apply to jobs unless they check all the boxes for the role. If you feel strongly that you have what it takes for this role but dont check 100% of the boxesthats okaywe encourage you to apply anyway and highlight what you can bring to the table.

Job Responsibilities

As our Talent Manager, youll own the full lifecycle of hiring at Float. Early on, youll jump right into:

  • Aligning hiring teams before opening a role: We take this upfront work very seriously because having the hiring team on the same page and saving everyones time is a huge piece of a great candidate experience. This work ranges from supporting the opening and submission of job requisitions to managing job description templates, kicking off our Hell Yes! page for roles, supporting Hiring Managers in recording Loom videos about the role, and publishing the job descriptions on Workable.
  • Managing the interview process: You will be in charge of the entire hiring process. This includes strategizing hiring plans, vetting applications, screening candidates, managing team availability, and coordinating interviews. Your expertise will ensure a seamless, efficient, and effective hiring process from start to finish.
  • Moving people from candidates to new team members: Sending someone a job offer can be life-changing! You will support that process by setting up offer letters, service agreements, reference checks, and background checks. The care and thought that goes into this process are critical to new team members feeling certain they made the right decision.
  • Setting new team members up for success: Manage onboarding by coordinating the onboarding team (manager + onboarding buddy), completing new hire checklists to set up accounts and get intro meetings set up on the new team member’s calendar, and making sure the new team member knows what to expect on day 1 and beyond.
  • Operations support:Beyond routine hiring tasks, you will consult on and support projects, such as coordinating our annual team meetup. These projects are crucial for enhancing team cohesion and embodying Float’s commitment to creating a Best Work Life experience.

As you settle in, youll take on more projects like:

  • Support and Educate on Hiring Practices:You will be the go-to expert for Floats unique hiring practices, supporting and educating the team to ensure our processes remain scalable while retaining their distinctiveness. This involves evolving current practices to support a growing team and communicating these changes effectively.
  • Content Leadership:In collaboration with Georgie, Director of Operations, take the lead on our Best Work Life blog and newsletter. Through thoughtful editorial work, you’ll showcase Floats approach to remote work, team culture, and the importance of a balanced work life.
  • Evolve Float’s hiring and onboarding processes: Work closely with Amber, our Team Experience Manager, to ensure that hiring practices support our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) strategy and support our growing team, ensuring scalability and maintaining the unique aspects of Float’s hiring practices.
  • Forecasting and Planning:Collaborate with department heads and the senior management team to understand and anticipate hiring needs based on Float’s growth and strategic direction. Your input will be vital in planning resource allocation and talent acquisition strategies.
  • Legal Compliance and Advisory:Serve as Floats primary resource on US labor laws, advising on the complex landscape of labor rights and obligations to maintain high standards of practice. You will be responsible for ensuring that Floats hiring and employment practices comply with legal standards and reflect our values of truthfulness, kindness, and respect.

Job Requirements

We want you to love your work and believe that these skills will allow you to succeed in the role.

Applying these skills requires experience with:

  • Full-Cycle SaaS Recruitment:Experience managing the entire recruitment process within a 100% remote team environment. You have a background in recruiting remotely for technical roles specific to SaaS teams, including software engineering, product management, and customer success.
  • Async Communication:Excellent written communication is essential for this role, given Float’s global, asynchronous work environment. Your ability to convey messages clearly and effectively will be crucial in engaging with candidates and collaborating with team members across different time zones. You should also be able to speak to experience communicating effectively with all levels of the organization, from Engineers to Directors and executive leadership (CEO and CTO). Your communication skills must bridge different departments and align with Float’s culture and values.
  • Keen Eye for Detail: You obsess over small details, triple-checking job descriptions, contracts, and onboarding guides to ensure were delivering on our value of great over good enough.
  • Autonomous Workflow:You should have a proven ability to drive the hiring process forward autonomously in an asynchronous environment with minimal oversight. You should be adept at managing your workflows efficiently and moving roles forward with hiring managers, demonstrating initiative and independence.
  • HR Business Partner Experience:Previous experience in a role such as HR Business Partner or similar, with hands-on knowledge of US labor law, would be nice to have. HR certifications are considered an asset and will add value to your role by ensuring compliance and best practices in HR management.

As a fully remote team, were looking for someone comfortable with asynchronous communication as the default, which means you have previous remote experience and are comfortable using tools like Slack, Loom, and Linear to communicate as needed.

Employee Benefits

Pay for this role is US $126,350 (Level 3). Here’s a blog post with more information on how we determine our salaries.

Were a global nasync remote company with a diverse team of people from all over the world who share a common belief in living our best work life. We believe deeply in transparency and share our Float Handbook publicly so potential new team members can see first hand our perks & benefits as well as our ways of working. If you feel like you can thrive at Float to do your best work, we would love to hear from you.

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