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Job Overview

  • Job Title Business Coach
  • Hiring Organization New Law Business Model
  • Company Website https://newlawbusinessmodel.com/
  • Remote Locations US
  • Job Type  Remote, Full-Time

Do you thrive helping people create a life and business they love through your coaching? 

And do you feel totally fulfilled by coaching but not by looking for clients or managing business operations?

If so, you may be a great fit with us as Law Business Success Coach. No legal experience is required. We’ll train you on what’s important. We can help you to spend your time on your highest and best use – making an impact in people’s lives. We’ll take care of running the ship and assigning you clients who will blossom with the help of your coaching.

We are an online, 100% virtual company providing heart-centered lawyers with a proven business model to serve families and small business owners as a trusted advisor, while reclaiming their humanity, having full control over their income and their calendars, and creating a life and law practice they love. As a result of working with us, our lawyers are able to be leaders in their communities and in their homes, and the ripple effect is an upleveling in the consciousness of humanity.

We are growing rapidly, and excited to bring on additional ambitious, professional and performance motivated business coaches to cultivate and nurture our growing base of members. Our Law Business Success Coaches work with attorneys in our program by supporting them to transform their law practice into a business enterprise with proven systems, support and steady cash flow. They bring their Why. We provide the HowYou keep them on track, achieving benchmark after benchmark until they succeed!

Job Responsibilities

  • Establishing genuine rapport with our lawyer members, finding out where they are stuck and what they need to do next to move forward in a way that feels exciting to them.
  • Enthusiastically using your uplifting, encouraging outlook, strategic approach and our systems, processes, and methods to support our members in moving the needle in their businesses, getting phenomenal results, and successfully navigating the stress that comes along with building a business.
  • Sharing your ideas for improving our systems and processes based on your own base of experience as you go.
  • Knowing that our results and impact come most from who we and our clients are being, even more so than what we are doing.
  • Quickly learning and consistently using our online project management software, G-suite, multiple platforms and CRM to self-manage and prioritize without losing details for future projects and to communicate with us as well.
  • Getting deep satisfaction from seeing people move through fears, and transform their lives through changing up their business structure and achieve their goals while implementing cutting edge strategies.

Job Requirements

  • Experience and skill in the realm of coaching, with a focus on business AND mindset coaching
  • Considerable knowledge of current business and marketing strategy as well as a willingness to learning our approach and systems in supporting members to their highest success.
  • As we are a virtual company, technological competency is an absolute must.
  • Professional, dependable, timely, organized, dedicated, and adaptable to a rapidly changing, growth-oriented company environment.
  • Ability to be flexible, be coachable yourself, and be open to feedback and adapting your approach to the way we teach and work with members.
  • Does not necessarily need legal expertise! You simply would need considerable knowledge of business strategy.
  • You are based in the U.S. or Canada.

Employee Benefits

  • Flexibility around when you work with your clients.
  • Access to proven systems and materials.
  • The opportunity to be part of a collaborative coaching team that cares about making a difference.
  • A significant and ongoing investment in your professional Development and support for your continuous learning and growth.
  • A part time, contractor position with a pathway to full-time with competitive compensation.

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