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Job Expired

Job Overview:

  • Job Title: Client Success
  • Hiring Company: Popcorn Growth
  • Company Website: https://popcorngrowth.com/
  • Remote Locations: United States
  • Job Type: Remote, Part Time, Freelance
This is a fully-remote WFH position. We just want the best, wherever you are.
In this position, you will be part of a dynamic and fast-paced team that values impact, efficiency and independence. As a fully remote company, all of our team members must be able to take full responsibility for their roles and sphere of influence.
Our clients are respected brands. You must be comfortable engaging with high-value clients and providing insight on the influencer marketing and social media space.
As a client success representative, you will be the bridge between our day-to-day operations team and our active clients. It will be your responsibility to organize, multitask, and manage all client facing requests, questions, and expectations.
Strong written and verbal communication as well as the ability to manage high stress situations and conflict with tact will be required. A background in marketing is preferred and will be a valuable asset.

Will you succeed in this role?

Because we are a start-up, we may not have the most robust and in-depth training process, so people who excel in our environment are people who are fast, independent learners who can pick up concepts quickly.

You simplify, simplify, and then simplify again. We found this to be counter-intuitive to some other hires that might have worked in other agencies or organizations that thrive on complicating processes to justify value. Nothing wrong with that! Popcorn Growth is just different. If you like short emails and dislike jargons, you might be a fit


Please Do NOT apply if:

  • You always want to be perfect/excel at every task. We are a rapidly growing startup and so we need someone who is practical in their thinking. You must be able to find the happy medium between all information/data and getting the job done efficiently.
  • You need guidance on everything. You must have a thought process of “If this goes wrong, will it cripple the company/process/client?” If not, make a decision and move on.
  • You don’t have the courage to be brutally honest with the CEO and your team
Compensation – USD 1,000/month as part-time freelance + bonus tied to individual and company performance
Popcorn Growth team members start off as part-time independent contractors (4 hours a day). The goal is to promote you to a full-time position within a month based on strong performance.

Job Responsibilities:

  • When our sales team closes a client account, you will work alongside the sales team on handover. From this point on, you will be responsible for fully understanding the client’s unique needs and goals. This will entail watching recordings of all previous sales calls, reading through all client threads, and ensuring you have been adequately briefed by the account’s sales rep.
  • From here, you will schedule an onboarding call to get all the information needed to kick off the campaign and establish a relationship with the client.You will manage this relationship and serve as the one point of contact (predominantly via email) once they have been onboarded.
  • In the background, you will liaise with the Campaign Management Team based in Asia, the Creative Team based in the US, and the Creator Discovery team based in the US. You will touch on every part of the campaign process and be expected to provide a streamlined experience for the client as well as all Popcorn Growth teams.

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum college education
  • Marketing background preferred
  • Minimum 3 to 5 years of work experience
  • Ability to work under pressure and deal with conflict

How To Apply:

Send your CV to: aplayers@popcorngrowth.com

More Information

  • This job has expired!